A Celtic Christmas


The Pioneer Village is hosting a Celtic Christmas on Saturday, December 20 and on Monday, December 22 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm (600 N 500 W, North Park). There will be a special Christmas program presented at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30 each night. Come celebrate the British heritage of many of our pioneer ancestors! Between 1847 and 1869, more than 32,000 British and Irish converts to the LDS church left the British Isles to join the pioneers as they settled the Western United States. Enjoy Christmas with pioneers, Celtic music, dancing, caroling, crafts, treats, Father Christmas, and more!

In 1863, Charles Dickens visited a Mormon emigrant ship and wrote, “[I] had come aboard this Emigrant Ship to see what eight hundred Latter-day Saints were like . . . . Nobody is in an ill-temper, nobody is the worse for drink, nobody swears an oath or uses a coarse word, nobody appears depressed, nobody is weeping, and down upon the deck in every corner where it is possible to find a few square feet to kneel, crouch or lie in, people, in every suitable attitude for writing, are writing letters. Now, I have seen emigrants ships before this day in June. And these people are strikingly different from all other people in like circumstances whom I have ever seen, and I wonder aloud, “What would a stranger suppose these emigrants to be!’ . . . I should have said they were in their degree, the pick and flower of England.”

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The Provo Pioneer Village is kept running by volunteers and contributions from the public. We welcome your donations and thank you for your generosity!

The Village is closed for the 2014 season but if you would like to visit the Village with your group, call or email us and make an appointment for us to meet you there. Scout Groups, Youth groups, School Groups, Ward parties, Family Reunions – we have activities for everyone. Contact Steven Nelson @ 801-375-9299 or Pioneervillage500WLindaT@Gmail.com.

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