Mountainland Continuum of Care


As part of Mountainland Continuum of Care’s state-wide effort to provide better, more affordable housing to people in our state, volunteers, mental health professionals, and local service providers will seek to identify all people who are homeless in Utah, Wasatch, and Summit counties.

From 4am to 7am on January 29th, 30th, and 31st, teams of volunteers will reach out to places where homeless gather to spend the night (parks, abandoned buildings, campgrounds, etc.) Volunteers will also work with local service agencies each of these days to find those using their services who may be homeless. Volunteers will administer a questionnaire that will allow for homeless individuals to be placed on a waiting list for services and support.

This count and documentation of those who are currently homeless helps local agencies and governments know what resources they need to serve those most vulnerable. It helps them to measure the progress of local initiatives, and it helps agencies to house individuals based on risk factors rather than first come first serve.

Mountainland invites everyone in these communities to come out and volunteer. If you know those who are homeless or where those who are homeless reside, please call and let Mountainland know so that they can find a way to serve them. You can register to volunteer by visiting the Mountainland Continuum of Care Website.

For more information, please contact Ashley Moulder,, 832-656-1162.

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