Provo #7 Best Commuter City


Provo has been ranked #7 for Best Commuter City in Utah by To determine the ranking, Obrella analyzed traffic data from the most recent survey released by the U.S. Census Bureau, considering only Utah cities whose population exceeded 7,500.

Provo has earned an excellent reputation for being a great place to launch a business, start a second career, and raise a family. According to Obrella, the majority of Provo residents work in their hometown. Brigham Young University, Novell software corporation, and Nu Skin Enterprises are a few of the city’s major employers.

Provo is dissected by Interstate 15, which helps the average commuter get to work in 18 minutes. The fact that a whopping 15 percent of people who work in Provo carpool also helps minimize traffic and the time it takes to get to the office.

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