A Cut Above the Rest

I’ve been bragging about the downtown restaurant scene for five years but it has only recently dawned on me that our downtown also has equally impressive places to cut men’s hair. In fact, like our restaurants, I’m ready to lay it up against any other place in Utah. Within a few short blocks I’ve counted 7 places to get a great haircut.

I’ve been working on visiting all of them and documenting my visit. After months I’m not even half way through the list but I’ve already had some incredible haircuts. Check out the video above to see a quick look at my visit to┬ásome of them.

I know what you’re all thinking. I don’t have much hair to cut. I agree but that’s all the more reason to take care of the little hair I have. So far I’ve recorded my visits to The Man Barber, Aveda, The Salon on the Ave and Johnny’s Barber Shop. Left on my visit list is Craig’s Cuts, Danburry Barber Shop and Downtown Salon.

What have I missed? Make sure to leave a comment below and let me know if I’ve missed one.

*Brought to you by the makers of the world famous Taco Crawl.

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  1. Don’t forget about Salon 359! It’s across the street from the police station On 1st south.

  2. John Arthur Taylor

    Mayor John, I am so glad you did not leave out, Johnny’s Barber Shop. He’s been cutting my hair for almost 25 years! John Taylor

  3. Gerda Edmunds

    Sorry, I cannot participate in this discussion since I am a female. But it sounds like fun and worthwhile since I do listen to my husband, but he gets his haircut from our daughter. Gerda Edmunds

  4. Vicky proctor

    Metropolitan salon on university ave. Clint is awesome.

  5. Makenzie

    You missed Studio 1030 in the WILK at BYU!

  6. You are doing a great deed to your community, Mayor Curtis. You are providing valuable information that will allow others to know the importance of maintaining the quality of their hair and particular styles – whether little hair or a lot. We appreciate your recognition for their efforts, and look forward to the rest of your “barber and salon crawl” adventure!

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