People of Provo:
Robbie and Caitlin Connolly

Hello fellow Provonians! It’s a new year and with it comes new projects and new ideas. One of which, is our “People of Provo” film series that we teamed up with The Orange Tie Affair to create. Wondering what exactly that is? Well, let us tell you! Basically, every other month we will be introducing you to various amazing people that make our city so awesome. Having them share why they came to our fine city of Provo and what they love most about it… two things we all have in common here!

So, to kick things off properly, our first People of Provo (or should we say POP individuals?) are husband and wife duo Robbie and Caitlin Connolly – truly some of the most incredible and influential people in Provo’s art and music scene. 

Hope you enjoy!

Michelle and Natashia
The Mumsy Blog

People of Provo Robbie and Caitlin from Joel R. Alba on Vimeo.

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