What would you trade for a Joes?

Provo Trader Joes

As we announced during Provo’s Retail Summit, Provo is going after Trader Joe’s! Of the 2,361 people who took our retail survey, 74% want to see a Trader Joe’s in Provo. As part of Provo City’s WeTellRetail initiative, here are some steps you can take to help us share Provo’s message of opportunity, community and prosperity to Trader Joe’s:

Join the Facebook group!

Join the public group Trader Joes for Provo and invite all of your friends, family and colleagues to join. We will post updates on our progress in recruiting a Trader Joe’s to our community on this page. Share your thoughts, pictures, videos or anything with us explaining why you want to see a Trader Joe’s in Provo.

Write a letter!

Do you have a story why you love Trader Joe’s? Hate driving up to Salt Lake City or Cottonwood Heights to get your Triple Ginger Snaps? Do you dream about Speculoos Cookie Butter? Write down why you love Trader Joe’s and drop your letter off in the Provo Trader Joe’s box located at the Provo 311 counter at the Provo City Center or email your letter to provotraderjoes@provo.org. We will be collecting letters over the next couple of months, after which I will personally deliver these letters to Trader Joe’s corporate office in Monrovia, California. We want lots of letters and would love to have a wheelbarrow-load…or two!

Make a YouTube video + win $500!!

Starting today, we are inviting people to create and submit YouTube videos explaining why Provo is a perfect fit for Trader Joe’s. We will be accepting submissions for the next couple of months and will award $500 to the best video based on the following criteria:

  • Length between 1 and 4 minutes long (10 points).
  • Explain why Provo is the perfect location for a Trader Joe’s (20 points).
  • Uploaded to the Facebook group Trader Joes for Provo (20 points).
  • Tag the video with #ProvoTraderJoes (5 points).
  • Creativity and Uniqueness (25 points)

Use #ProvoTraderJoes!

In any of your social media chatter regarding Trader Joe’s, make sure you use #ProvoTraderJoes.

Weekly Giveaways

As a way to encourage and also reward residents who are involved in this fun process, we will be hosting weekly giveaways and challenges! We’ve got some awesome Trader Joe’s swag and prizes (Including limited edition #ProvoRocks shirts!) that we will be giving out every week to the lucky winners! We will be announcing the weekly giveaways on the Trader Joes for Provo Facebook Group – so make sure you join!

I hope you are as excited as I am to participate in Provo’s WeTellRetail Initiative and bring Trader Joe’s to Provo!

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  1. karina

    If you are on Instagram, follow @trader_joes_provo_needs_you and help our awesome Mayor get a Trader Joes (or two, or three!!) here in Provo!

  2. Dominic

    Can you provide any information about possible locations for the Trader Joe’s?

    1. John

      Dominic, No location has been selected. Our first goal is to get them interested in Provo and then discuss locations.

  3. david

    I’d settle for getting the Google Fiber I was promised years ago

  4. Annie

    Can we have a dunkin donuts instead?
    Their coffee is superior to Starbucks and they have way better foods.

  5. Sage

    That would be great. I live in St. George but am in Provo visiting family more than I’m in Vegas where there are 5 Trader Joe’s.

  6. Rachel

    This is AMAZING! Way to go Mayor Curtis!

  7. Gail

    I grew up going to Trader Joes, I send a list to my sister ib CA of thing to bring me when she comes.

  8. Carole K. Warner

    Wow! This is what I have been hoping for a very long time. Good luck!

  9. TyIma

    Is it sad that I don’t like the one in SLC and that I will drive all the way to Las Vegas to get what I want at the Trader Joe’s. Sprouts is okay but nothing compares to Trader Joe’s. I love all their chocolate products and I just tried their cranberry hibiscus 100% juice. It’s has a strong floor and it’s 100% juice. If I worked there I would never have a paycheck.

  10. Donna

    I heard a rumor that Trader Joe’s was going in at the old Borders building. I was so sad when I saw it wasn’t. I make bi-weekly drives to SLC for my groceries. It’d be lovely to stay within our community!

  11. Gail

    I am not interested in a Trader Joe’s. I want a reasonable priced grocery store in Southwest Provo. We are dying down in this area. It is like a ghost town down Kmart way. We are losing more businesses every day. Everything seems to be concentrated on downtown or up the Riverwoods way.

    1. P.

      You are absolutely right!

  12. David Tolman

    I am triple digit gluten sensitive and Trader Joes offers more non gluten foods than any I have yet found and they taste good! Unfortunately I have Parkinson’s and have to bide my time and wait onthe courtesy of friends or family that can either shop for me or drag me along. It’s my feeling that ant incentive Provo could offer Trader Joes would be worth it 50 times over.

  13. Jenny

    Love Trader Joe’s Love Dunkin’doughnuts Get them BOTH!! let’s get downtown Provo and East Bay moving again!!! PS I LOVE my Google Fiber–CenturyLink are frauds!!! Thanks Mayor

  14. Roger

    Apple stores have a far better ROI and Apple’s reach far more expansive. You have to ask yourself how many people you know that own an Apple product and how many people you know that shop at TJ. The numbers are startling.

  15. kelly

    I can’t go to Trader Joe’s on the date listed, but I shopped at the new one around Ft. Union Friday. Hopefully, if they recognize that there are numbers of people who would show up if they could, it will give you the support you need.

  16. When we moved here from California, Trader Joe’s was the thing I missed the very most (after my friends, of course). The first time I went back to visit, and walked into Trader Joe’s (which we do EVERY time we go back) I almost cried. It felt like coming home. Anyone who’s not familiar with Trader Joe’s, let me tell you: Healthier options, delicious, convenient foods, amazingly affordable prices, what’s not to LOVE? If you aren’t shopping at Trader Joe’s yet, give it a chance, and you will! Seriously, even our DOGS prefer Trader Joe’s dog food. (Of course I’m a huge fan of Apple, but I buy an apple product once every couple of years. I would shop at TJs almost every day!)

  17. Katie Green

    Delightful idea, oh yes we could use this. I have not been to a Trader Joe’s in years

  18. Teri

    I worked at Trader Joes for 5 years before I moved to Provo. I also spoke to the store captain in Salt Lake about possibilities of a store in Provo. He did not seem optimistic about one coming here for a while his next goal is Park City. After working at Trader Joes for 5 years I know the clientele that they cater to. It may be awhile before they come to Provo.

  19. Dave Dahl

    Trader Joes management would be blown away at the huge amount of business a Provo or Utah Valley store would generate. Like most things about Utah, companies don’t realize that we Utah’ns are starved for great stores, and a Trader Joes in Provo would do fantastic. It fits so well with the healthy hard working lifestyle of Provo too.

  20. cheryl

    My whole family would be thrilled if A Trader Joes came to Provo……..WE LOVE IT!

  21. cheryl

    My whole family would be thrilled if A Trader Joes came to Provo……..WE LOVE IT!

  22. leah

    I agree Apple would be nice but that is a once in every few years type of purchase. Trader Joes would be a weekly occurrence. My daughter is on a restricted diet for health reasons and as a mom of 5 I barely find enough time to get my grocery shopping in – and I never have time to run to SLC for groceries. It would be soooo nice to have a Trader Joe’s here! If Carson NV can support a Trader Joes Provo defiantly can!!!

  23. Robert F. Smith

    I lived in Los Angeles for 20 years, until retirement a few years ago. One of my biggest disappointments on moving to Provo was the absence of a Trader Joe’s in Utah Valley. I shopped there constantly in California, attracted by the wonderful products and prices. I hope you can entice them here, even if they won’t be able to sell as much booze as they usually do.

  24. R DeSpain

    I have submitted to TJ’s site several times that Provo area would be a great local! I mean come on 2 universities and a lot of people who want something better than Walmart level quality. Frankly, we have a glut of low end food places (grocery & restaurants). It would be nice to have quality healthy options.
    My husband and I miss TJ’s (from living in other states) and make trips to SLC every couple of months. Last time we bough 20 boxes of the granola we love (ya food storage). Having one local would go a long way to improving the area.

  25. Jace Christsian

    Will you allow them to sell wine? Some of us TJ’s wine and that’s a big part of their store.

  26. Jenn

    Yes please!!!! Trader Joe’s is one of my very favorite stores. This gets me so excited!

  27. Melanie

    This would bring to my world alittle bit of So Calif right here to Provo. TJ I love thee!!

  28. Dennis Poulsen

    What would the cost to the city be?

    Dennis Poulsen

  29. Marly

    Yes, definitely get Trader Joe’s here in Provo. We really need it!

  30. P.

    What about a Target where it used to be Kmart?

  31. Kim

    I would LOVE Trader Joe’s in Provo. I am now traveling up to Salt Lake twice a month to stock up! So excited!

  32. Heather

    When will you announce the winner for the TJ video contest? It definitely needs to be Jennifer Smith Stock! What a great video! TJ needs to see that one.

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