Casting Call for Trader Joe’s Video!

Trader Joes

Channel 17 is filming a video at Trader Joe’s tomorrow – Tuesday, March 3 and they need Provo residents to be in the film! They will be filming the video from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm at the Salt Lake location, 634 E 400 S. The video will be shown on TV and on Provo City’s Youtube Channel.

If you are available and would like to be in the video, RSVP to Channel 17 by the end of today. Email Whitney Booth at to confirm your availability and your interest to be in the video. We will have a shuttle leaving the City Center at 9:00 am – those who RSVP first can catch a ride. Anyone else can meet Channel 17 at Trader Joe’s at 10:00 am.

*And even better, if you have a Provo Rocks shirt, we would love to have you wear your shirt for the video!

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  1. Deborah Carr

    I’d love to come, but I have to work. I’d love someone to carry a sign that says, “I’m also speaking for Deborah Carr!”

  2. Holly Patching

    This would be a dream come true!!! I would love to be in the video and even more, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE Trader Joe’s in PROVO!!!!!! I am working during the times of the filming, but I will be there in spirit. If you can, please go and support this. TJ’s forever!!

    1. Holly Patching

      PS. If Trader Joe’s came to Provo, I could keep them in business just by myself. I love this store!

  3. Sharon

    Why not go to the Trader Joe’s new location that’s closer? It has more parking and is a bigger store. Much easier than downtown SLC>

  4. Erik Heathcote

    Now we just need one of those big smiths marketplace stores like the one near Trader Joe’s in Salt Lake and we’ll be set. Considering how busy the smiths we have already is all the time.

    1. Susan

      I completely agree. I love the vibe at Smith’s Marketplace, it is a really pleasant place to shop.

  5. Melanie

    It make s me sad that I can’t spend 2 hours shopping at Traders…but I’ll be thinking about the film shoot and wanting to be there. I need to work in order to continue to shop at my most favorite store in the world! Have fun and I’ll be watching for it on Provo City’s Youtube Channel.

  6. Cory

    Why have they specifically requested Provo residents?

    1. John

      Cory – It’s part of the production. I’m not sure of all the details but I’m certain that it’ll be fun.


  7. H Jones

    Do you folks realize that the item this store pushes MOST is BOOZE!!!!! They also carry somev very nice grocery items but come on Provo, the predominately LDS community, get your heads screwed on!!!!! Do you really want this????

  8. Jason

    Why not select a VACANT Provo commercial location with the approximate square footage that Trader Joe’s typically uses, take photos of the site and mention other successful national stores nearby and convenient parking for the new Trader Joe’s customers, and mention that there will be attractive incentives for them the first 3 years, as a courtesy red carpet treatment. Hey! If New York state can sweeten the offer to out-of-state businesses for 10 YEARS of favorable tax bonuses to relocate to NY, why can’t Provo City wake up and start some serious negotiating to obtain Trader Joe’s and 6-10 new quality stores, to replace the exodus of retail businesses that have left recently (Hollister and American Eagle from the Provo Mall within the past 30 days! Shopko! Banana Republic, 2 Gaps Stores, Borders Bookstore, and 2 fine national women’s clothing stores, all from Shops of Riverwoods.

    Here in Provo, we need to ask ourselves: Why do quality stores leave in preference to opening in American Fork and Spanish Fork? How can we offer a competitive edge in Provo? What can be done to create a site with adequate parking and easy access where we can create a “strip mall” similar to University Parkway in Orem, and offer incentives for 3-5 years to established retailers with a successful track record?

    The University Mall in Orem is expanding aggressively and so is the commercial area near I-15 in Spanish Fork. American Fork adds new national retailers each year, and the Thanksgiving Point area is becoming a mecca of industry and retail stores as Provo continues to lose ground! Provo City has many assets. Unfortunately, there seems to be no Master Plan that addresses the PROBLEMS of Provo City, and a willingness to look at the present reality and flight of retail stores to more profitable locations.

    Most of us love Provo and the charm of the downtown area (even with the strangeness from 200 South to 500 South on Center Street), and the class of Shops of Riverwoods. With real leadership and an honest look at what is happening to our retail areas and the exodus, we can turn it around and all support existing and new retail businesses. We need leadership from the top and a City Council that is business friendly.

    The City Council has a long history of negativity and focusing on historical street signs and how to beat up on apartment owners instead of the realities of a depressed Provo market. They caused the problem in the 1st place when Woodbury was considering a location for the University Mall in the 1960’s, and probably favoring Provo over Orem. And when Orem was chosen, it has been downhill ever since. The hated parking meters in downtown Provo versus “free parking” in a gracious large Mall in Orem did not help. Provo desperately ripped them out, but it was too late!!

  9. Suzanne Slingerland

    Oh, happy day! A Trader Joe’s store in Provo would just be the best for Provo…and me. I am a Trader Joe’s fan and have been since I shopped the Lake Oswego OR store with our daughter who lives in Wilsonville OR. My husband and I shop the SLC store any time we are in SLC for the Utah Symphony or other events. We even plan to shop on the way home from the airport after a trip. Had I read this news yesterday, I’d have been at Trader Joe’s this morning waving my Salt Lake City Trader Joe’s grocery bag. Yes! Yes! Yes! Bring Trader Joe’s to Provo.

  10. CR

    I love the trader joes idea but can’t make the filming. I was also thinking Provo needs a Starbucks. The one in Orem is very busy and I beleive the composition of Provo population has changed enough to support a new coffee house especially one that sells many non coffee drinks.

  11. Natalie

    We live in Vineyard, right next to Orem and we would totally support having a Trader Joes in Provo, so much closer than having to drive out SLC!

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