Utah Valley’s Fab 40: Karen Larsen

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Have you seen the latest Utah Valley Magazine? The March/April issue features 40 of Utah Valley’s most positive people. Among these fabulous ‘lemonade makers’ is Provo City’s Customer Service Director, Karen Larsen! The article gives a shout-out to Provo’s 311 Customer Service Center and Karen’s efforts to expanding the call center.

Sweet life Karen began working for Provo City 26 years ago as an entry-level customer service rep. In 2012, she elevated the city experience by launching Provo311, a customer service call center. Karen manages 37 employees who answer up to 8,000 calls a month about everything from utility billing to general city information.

Sweetest moment 311 call centers are common in large cities, but for smaller cities like Provo they are often considered too expensive. With the mayor’s leadership and my staff, I am proud that we introduced the first 311 call center to Utah.

Making lemonade out of lemons Customer service was strictly a utility billing service center, but today it has changed drastically into a citywide municipal call center. Mayor Curtis handed me lemons and I made lemonade. I accepted the challenge to design and grow our existing utility customer service to an exciting call center that better serves citizens of Provo.

Read the whole article here: utahvalley360.com/2015/03/03/fab-40-sip-lemonade-40-utah-valleys-sweetest-people

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  1. Terry Herbert

    Congrats.Karen if anyone deserves it you do.

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