Provo #8 Best City for Basketball Fans


Provo has been ranked #8 Best City in the nation for Basketball fans! With March Madness in full swing, WalletHub crunched the numbers to find the best cities in America to be an avid professional and college basketball fan. They looked at 300 of the most populated U.S. cities across 11 key metrics, ranging from the performance level of each city’s NBA and NCAA Division 1 basketball teams to ticket prices to stadium accessibility.

  1. Number of NBA & NCAA Division 1 Basketball Teams
  2. Performance Level of Teams (Number of Wins Divided by Total Games Played)
  3. Average Ticket Price for an NBA Game & Minimum Season Ticket Price for an NCAA Division 1 Basketball Game
  4. Stadium Accessibility (Stadium Capacity Divided by City Population)
  5. Number of Championships Won
  6. Number of Division Championships Won
  7. Number of Sports Bars per Capita
  8. Fan Friendliness and Engagement (Number of Twitter Followers Plus Number of Facebook “Likes” per Capita)
  9. Franchise Value (Team Estimated Value in $Billion)
  10. Attendance (Average Home-Fan Attendance Divided by Arena Capacity)
  11. Viewership Rate (Number of Viewers on National TV per Capita)

Check out the whole ranking here:


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