“He says he is in the Building with a Gun and a Bomb”

City Center

“There is a man on the phone and he says he is in the building with a gun and a bomb.” I had never imagined that exact situation but I have often wondered how I would react in an emergency.

Yesterday, I found out just how difficult it is to make decisions with almost no information that had the potential to impact the safety of our staff, visitors and council members. First on my mind was the question of leaving the building or locking down. If I told people to leave the building they would be exposed to the gun threat and if I told them to lock down they would be exposed to the bomb threat. Thankfully most of that burden fell on the able shoulders of our Police Department.

I learned a lot yesterday but lesson number one was how thankful I am to have an entire department dedicated to keeping us safe. Watching the police reaction from behind the scene was like watching a symphony. Everyone moved and acted in a predetermined pattern that allowed them to secure a large, complicated building within just a few minutes. Along with the council and fellow employees we were escorted away from harm in a calm and efficient way that somehow allowed us to smile and relax knowing that even if the threat had been real we were safe and protected.

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  1. Genelle Pugmire

    From a journalist’s perspective it was amazing to watch. We we were all together nearly everyone was on social media or talking to someone on their cell phones, the word got out fast and information on the Herald’s online was immediate. Wasn’t so fun for the old lady taking the stairs, but the police were awesome and dang it Mayor. .. you look fabulous carrying my pink purse. . . its a trend! Thanks for your kind help 🙂

  2. Jeanie

    So glad it worked out well. Happy everyone was safe, and yes, we do have a great Police Department.

  3. this was really a tough situation. thank god you are out of this situation.

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