Road Closure:
Provo City Half Marathon

Photo by Daily Herald.

Thousands of runners will storm through Provo this Saturday, May 2 for the Provo City Half Marathon. If you’re not running in the race, you may want take note of how it could impact traffic.

Runners will start their trek down the canyon at 7:00 am. Between 7:00 am and approximately 1:00 pm the outside southbound lane of University Avenue will be closed between the mouth of the Canyon and 200 North University Avenue. The downtown area between 200 North to 300 South and 100 West to 100 East will be closed for the finish line area until approximately 1:00 pm.

Motorists should expect significant delays traveling through Provo between 7:00 am until approximately 1:00 pm.

The map below outlines the race route but please watch especially for delays crossing University Avenue and in our Downtown area. Travelers attempting to cross University Avenue are encouraged to make plans to use 300 South to cross the City to avoid the road closures.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 11.39.57 AM

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  1. David Keller

    Will the city be redirecting northbound University Ave traffic through residential streets in Maeser and Joaquin neighborhoods again? Why not detour to Freedom Blvd?

  2. Michael Kraczek

    What a frustrating morning. Who is responsible for this event? This seems like terrible planing and traffic management. You expect all of the residents who live in north east Provo to drive down to 300 south to cross University Avenue? That is several miles out of the way. There were no signs telling drivers of this plan. Nothing in advance posted locally warning residents of this closure, and no signs on race day telling drivers that they had to drive down to 300 South to cross University Avenue. There was nothing on the Provo City website or Provo Half Marathon website that I could find announcing road closures or alternate traffic routes. I had to do an internet search and read through several pages to find this announcement buried half way down the page. That obviously was not enough. I saw plenty of frustrated confused drivers trying to figure out how to get to where they needed to go for the day. Several cut across the race route on University Avenue because they did not know what else to do. Please find a better way to manage the traffic or stop allowing this event to happen.
    Mike Kraczek

    1. John


      I’m sorry to hear of your frustrations. Your email points out how no matter how much we try to get the word out that there are still some we don’t reach.

      Although we were not successful in your case we did work hard to get the word out. News and media outlets were alerted, I posted it on my blog and signs were out days in advanced along University Ave.

      We have a second race on June 13th and we’ll take your suggestions into account as we prepare for the race.


  3. Dillon

    I think it’s awesome that we are promoting health and wellness in our community and anyone “inconvienced” by this should take a look at their waistline.

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