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AMALast Monday I posted on Facebook and Twitter announcing that I would be taking your questions for about 45 minutes. I encouraged residents to “ask me anything”! Tons of questions started coming in and I enjoyed reading and responding to all of them. It was a great experience and a fun way to engage the community. I’m hoping to continue this AMA series every third Monday of the month at 11:00 am – so if you missed the last one you still have a chance to participate. Mark your calendar for Monday, May 18.

I noticed a trend in the questions asked. Many of you wanted to know about retail in Provo – plans for East Bay, Provo’s West Side, etc. Others had questions about Provo City services, housing, and parking. I’ve pulled the top 10 questions from last Monday to share with you. Check them out below.

Retail in Provo

Q: What are the plans for East Bay?
A: We’d like to see a number of changes. Our highest priority is replacing the KMart. Stay tuned for lots of good stuff.

Q: Has Provo actually been talking to executives at Trader Joes to come to the city, or are we hoping they will just take notice of the grassroots efforts? If we have talked to them, how inclined did they seem to come to Provo?
A: There are several things moving behind the scenes. You can feel confident that we’re working this at all levels.

Q: What are the development plans for cleaning up Provo’s west side? How can citizens get involved?
A: Our highest priority is a grocery store. The new Westside Connector road will help bring a lot of economic development into the area. Residents can help by buying local!

Q: What are Provo’s plans for attracting good businesses? It seems nearly everything goes to Orem.
A: It is true that Orem gets lots of retail but over the years Provo has focused more on jobs and job creation. We love what’s happening Downtown and will continue to work on East Bay and others areas.

City Services

Q: Why do provo residents have to pay 16$ to take a load to the Lindon dump? I guess its free or less if u live in Orem?
A: Provo City uses the South Utah Valley Sold Waste District located in Springville. We provide residents a coupon that is good for one pickup truck or single-axle trailer load. We also provide dumpsters throughout Provo during Provo’s Spring Cleanup Season (going on right now). Check out the schedule and get your free coupon!

Q: Is provo considering mandatory water restrictions to insure we have enough water for the upcoming years, because we don’t know how long these droughts will last. I feel it would be best to conserve water now, rather than when it gets critical.
A: We are not in a situation where we will need to make it mandatory but we hope to encourage our residents to do all they can.

Q: What are the current off leash dog park plans?
A: Great question. The first off-leash area for dogs is being planned for Bicentennial Park. It will re-purpose a little used 1/2 acre site located to the south of the parking lot. The park will be ready for use by the end of May 2015!

Q: Whazzup with Google Fiber not making Root Sports available so we can see the Utah Jazz?
A: My wife Sue loves tennis and Jazz Basketball. I get the Root request daily from her. We’re working on it…

Housing & Parking

Q: There is a serious lack of affordable “single person housing” in Provo. I’m not a student and I’m tired of living in apartments designed to stuff people in. However, studio or 1-bedroom apartments that are unfurnished and under $1,000 a month don’t seem to exist. I want to stay in Provo, but Provo doesn’t seem to cater to young working professionals.
A: There is a new development located at the heart of Provo’s warehouse row, Startup Crossing. This new housing will provide a unique opportunity for urban living in Utah County. The project will provide affordable modern housing options to a rapidly growing community.

Q: Why is parking still a nightmare in Provo??? It’s bad….
A: One of the biggest improvements we can make is underway. BRT will allow us to reduce the number of cars in the city.

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  1. Anonymous

    I feel like there was not a good discussion on an effective east-west corridor. I have found that it takes roughly the same amount of time to get to thanksgiving point, as it does to get to Wasatch elementary

  2. Just a thought

    I really love that the Mayor has made himself available to answer questions like this. He has always used social media in a very intelligent way. My one small criticism is something I expect would naturally get better but I just wanted to mention it. The answers are very short, evasive and don’t really answer the questions. I suggest a little less campaign talk and a little more f the open straight forward Mayor that all of Provo has learned to love and admire. Thanks again for taking the time to take our questions.

  3. John S. Viehweg

    Mayor John,
    Have really enjoyed seeing all the notoriety and good press you’re receiving lately. Just got finished looking through the latest issue of BYU Today and it was more of the same. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe my old Israel roomie has risen to such great stuff. For whatever it’s worth, I sure am proud of the way you’ve handled your office, and of the kind of man you’ve become. Watching you gives me hope. Best wishes for your continued success. The people of Provo seem to appreciate you and the goodness you bring to the table. I saw that goodness many years ago. That’s why I wanted to be your roommate. Thanks for all the years of friendship and fine example. Now if I, too, could just figure out a way to get a pair of those zany socks as a free gift…. Kudos to you, John!!! You’re doing great.

  4. Lars

    No Root Sports, no AMC, no pay-per-view, and the PAID internet package cuts out all the time. For those reasons, I cut the cord today with Google Fiber.

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