Release the Hounds


With the DOG Days of Summer right around the corner, it’s a great time to PAWS for a moment and celebrate Provo’s first BARK PARK. Come join me FUR the official UNLEASHING on on Monday, May 11 at Bicentennial Park (1440 S 1600 E) at 3:30.

Residents have been BARKING about this for years so we FETCHED up some RUFF plans and went to work.

Please bring your dog and help us RAISE THE WOOF.

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  1. Taunya

    Great news!!!

  2. Sariah

    We will so be there.

  3. 6115

    I worked for Provo as an Animal Control Officer till about 18 months ago, this was all was a hot topic. I am so glad you did this for your residence. Good job.

  4. Those puns are pretty RUFF.

  5. Laura Cabanilla

    We will be there!

  6. Randal Ellsworth

    I am so glad that this has finally happened. My Border collie/Australian shep thinks she is human and needs to learn to socialize with dogs. I also live in Orem so if you see your counterpart in Orem please urge him to do the same. R Ellsworth, MD

  7. ShaNae

    My dog and I have been there every day and loving it. Such a great addition to Provo. Thank you Mayor Curtis!

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