The Search for Elizabeth Salgado Update

Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado

The Provo Police Department would like to update the community on the search for Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado. The following is a list of investigative efforts that have been completed up to this point. It is important to note, that the following list is not all-inclusive as we cannot release all investigative measures without compromising some portion of the investigation.

We would like the community to know however, that certain investigative measures were not listed below in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation and to protect Elena.

We have:

  • Obtained information on the Noman Language School, including classmates and instructors.
  • Interviewed students/instructors at the school.
  • Searched the route Elena took to and from school, (from 100 N 400 W to 1800 N 450 W) including homes, yards, and local business locations.
  • Searched the route for possible video systems.
  • Put up and passed out flyers along the same route.
  • Conducted three different canvass/searches of the route, to include the times when there are more people, (afternoon) and in the morning when there are more people at businesses (morning) and during the time when Elena would have been walking the route. (1330 to 1430.)
  • Obtained cell phone records and financial records and Facebook and e-mail records.
  • Interviewed current roommates.
  • Interviewed past roommates.
  • Interviewed all known sex offenders in the area.
  • Checked with the county jail.
  • Checked with the area hospitals.
  • Listed Elena NCIC as missing endangered.
  • Listed Elena on the Utah County Detective Bulletin.
  • Listed Elena in the SIAC bulletin as missing endangered.
  • Issued a western states BOLO for Elena as missing endangered.
  • Notified immigration with Elena’s name and description to monitor for any international flight or border crossing.
  • Notified the FBI.
  • Notified Homeland Security
  • Opened a line of communication with the family in Mexico.
  • Regular meetings with the family here in the U.S.
  • Completed interviews of all classmates and instructors at Nomen Global .
  • Completed backgrounds and interviews on all known associations.
  • Every tip obtained by Facebook, phone, or e-mail is looked into and followed up on.
  • We have investigated tips throughout the nation, including Washington State, Virginia, and Alabama.
  • Contacted RMIN (Rocky Mountain Information Network) for assistance with a suspect and victim profile.
  • Searches were conducted by trained search dogs in and around the last known area Elizabeth was seen.
  • A search of the Provo area was conducted by over 300 volunteers and trained CERT team members.
  • Family and friends have been very helpful in handing out flyers and posting Elizabeth’s picture in the area.
  • The Provo Crime analyst is currently working with the SIAC crime analyst network for the western US following intel and possible matches to this incident.
  • Currently there are 30 members of the Provo Police Department actively working this case. As of this date, over 3500 hours have been dedicated toward finding Elizabeth.
  • As of 5/13/15, the Provo Police Dept. has followed up on over 118 tips from concerned citizens.
  • The Provo Police Dept. has contacted and received assistance from the following agencies:
    1. FBI
    2. INS
    3. Homeland Security
    4. The Attorney General’s Office
    5. Orem PD
    6. Salt Lake City PD
    7. DEA
    8. UTA Police
    9. Utah County Sheriff’s Office
    10. Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office
    11. Heber PD
    12. US Marshalls Office
    13. Utah County Attorney’s Office
    14. Utah Highway Patrol
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  1. Seija Puikkonen

    Has a home search made in every class member’s and teacher’s home with a search dog?

    1. John

      Seija – I can’t comment on specifics due to the fact that this is an open and ongoing investigation. I can talk generally though and share with you that we’re doing everything possible.


  2. Sherri

    Are there any leads? I know you can’t be specific but this is so bizarre that it happened in broad daylight with no leads at all. I don’t know Elizabeth but as a Mother, my heart hurts for her and her family. We are praying that the authorities will be guided in the right direction.

  3. Mikell

    Thank you for the information. I saw her mom outside the post office yesterday. I told her how sorry I was and gave her a hug. She held me so tight. We both cried and she didn’t want to let go. She is living my greatest fear in life as a mother. Please let us know how we can help.

  4. Elena

    The police have arrested a suspect at this point? Does the police have a suspects pictures?

  5. Brookie

    Can we know a bit more about her? Such as hobbies, favorites, her personality? It sounds strange, but sometimes these facts help greatly in the efforts and evidence in searches for missing people.

  6. Tony

    I believe in Heavenly Father, I believe in our only true prophet and I believe that he speaks directly to God. So, with those informations above, am I asking to much to God to reveal or talk directly to the prophet and shows him where Elizabeth is located??? Am I asking too much? Is this a sin? I am not asking to prove if the prophets really talks or not to God, but a simple answer for a honest and humble prayer!

  7. Yvonne

    Has there been any consideration to the possibility Elizabeth was grabbed by someone creepy she may have met while serving her LDS mission who may have been mentioned by name in her mission journal? As in someone who may have given off “creepy vibes” and who may have subsequently tracked her down? Has any contact been made with her former mission companions to ask if they remember such an individual?

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