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Shoutout to everyone who participated in last Monday’s “Ask Me Anything”. I enjoyed reading and responding to all of your questions. Many of you wanted to know about transportation in Provo – 800 North Corridor Study, Intersection Studies, and improving bike lanes. Others had questions about development projects – plans for the City Center Block, retail, and when the Provo City Center Temple will be dedicated. I also answered questions about water restrictions, Channel 17, and Provo’s emergency management system.

Below I’ve shared the highlights from Monday’s AMA. Check out the list of questions and maybe you’ll find an answer to a question you’ve been asking. Also, mark your calendar for Monday, June 22nd for the next AMA session.


Q: I had heard UVRMC was interested in a new freeway exit at 800 north. Is that part of the traffic study as well? Thoughts?
A: There’s an 800 North corridor study underway. Look for opportunities to voice your thoughts soon.

Q: 700 N & University Ave is dangerous intersection. Any plans for change, maybe making turning lanes on 700 so cars don’t go around?
A: As part of the BRT project we will be looking at almost all of the intersections from 500 S to 700 N. Lots of changes coming.

Q: What is the working timeline for improving bike options in the city? Lots of problematic end points with bike lanes in town.
A: The city has completed a bicycle master plan that we’re implementing as soon as we can. It’s a long term plan. Each project has a different start date. Some have been completed & some are in process like 300 SouthWe’ve also got some exciting new projects that we currently don’t have completion dates for.

Q: Can we get left turn lines painted into the road to help the traffic flow on center street? The left lane on center street is brutally slow.
A: It is not an easy issue. Center Street in Provo is treated more like a parking lot than a street. That being said, we have a group working with downtown Provo stakeholders to consider a variety of different traffic configurations for Center Street. I will pass your information along to our Community Development and Engineering teams for their consideration.


Q: Any update on civic center redevelopment?
A: The project has stalled due to funding but we’re looking forward to continuing the discussion.

Q: What is the city doing with the land at 1140 S State St? We hear park, apartments, etc.
A: The property that is located just south 1140 South is the future site for the Spring Creek Park. The Parks and Recreation Department has been working on clearing the property. Design and development of the park will take a few years to get completed. We look forward to this great addition to the Spring Creek neighborhood.

Q: Do you have any idea of when the Temple will be dedicated? Also, are there any plans of getting a Walmart/Kmart/Shopko/Target store in Provo? It’s annoying that they’ve all fled Provo and we have to go to Orem now for that type of shopping experience.
A: Lots going on behind the scenes with the retail questions. Stay tuned! There is no specific date for the temple open house; it will be the LDS Church’s announcement to make. But we do have an internal team working on the issues around the open house – like parking, transit, pedestrian access, medical services, etc. – for whenever the event will occur.

City Services

Q: Provo’s Channel 17 doesn’t broadcast correctly on Google TV. Google says that a number of customers are reporting this and that they are showing what channel 17 is providing them. Are you aware of this? Can we get someone to work on resolving it, please?
A: We are in the process of fixing that issue. Our outdated equipment wasn’t able to interact with what Google brought in.

Q: I live in the flood plain of the Provo River, but cannot hear the warning sirens from my home, even if I am outside. Is there any plan to add additional sirens? I live in the River Grove neighborhood.
A: Not at this point. The sirens were done several years ago in the river bottoms area largely because of the specific geography there. But, we are working with other cities in the county to create a really good reverse 911 system that will let us use text, phones, email and other ways to give faster notifications for all emergencies.

Q: Are you anticipating the need for water restrictions this summer? How do our reserves look?
A: Good planning over the years has kept us pretty healthy water wise. Bottom line is that thus far, we are looking OK for this summer. But weather could impact that as the summer moves along. Conservation at home and at work will certainly help. Keep watching the blog and social media for updates.

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  1. rob allen

    Do you know when the feasibility study for the “whitewater trail” will be completed? It is an action item in the parks and rec master plan but I have not heard about any progress on it.

    1. John

      Rob – Great question. I think funding for that project and others like it will depend on if the RAP tax is passed this coming fall.


      1. rob allen

        Thanks John, I will definitely look into the to RAP tax proposal and see what I can do to help build support for it and the whitewater trail idea.

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