Provo’s Water Storage

Provo River

With all the talk of water restrictions circling around us, Provo is doing very well and has planned ahead for droughts. Provo is not facing the kind of crisis other cities are facing for a couple of reasons. Provo City has consistently invested in storm water system infrastructure and improvements over the years. Our water sources for our culinary system include springs in the canyon areas, 15 deep wells, Provo River, and water storage in Deer Creek and Jordanelle reservoirs. Our system remains strong due to our diverse sources and storage capability.

The recent storms have definitely helped the overall situation, both in reducing water use and improving the watershed recharge, but it is still going to be a tight year compared to normal.  Therefore, while we are not anticipating imposing water use restrictions in Provo at this time, any help from citizens in applying responsible use of this valuable resource will be prudent and much appreciated.

The most important issue is for our customers to use water wisely and to be continually mindful of our natural resources. Here are a few easy ways to conserve:

  • Avoid watering landscape during the heat of the day (typically 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM).
  • Due to heavy system demands during the summer, residents who prefer to water in the later evening hours are encouraged to do so from approximately 7:00 PM on. This will help alleviate the heavy demand on the system in the midnight to 6:00 AM time period.
  • Turn off lawn sprinkler systems during rainstorms to conserve the water when not needed, or utilize sensor units on the system to avoid this associated waste of water.
  • Cut sprinkler station times 5 minutes if possible if they can still maintain healthy turf.
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  1. MAK

    The best way to make people conserve water is to raise the price of water. The city must have a contingency plan to import water from remote areas in the event of a severe drought. The price of water must be raised gradually every year in anticipation of such an event.

  2. Rich

    The city needs to fix their own sprinklers along center street. I see more geysers than sprinklers. Not to mention they should invest in those rain sensors. They water more during rain days than anyone else.

  3. David

    Why is there heavy demand from midnight to 6:00 AM? It seems everyone would be asleep during these hours?

    1. John

      Most people water their lawn overnight so the demand for water is actually heavier midnight- 6AM. Residents are encouraged to water their lawns in the evening, approximately 7PM and later to help alleviate the overnight watering.

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