Freedom Festival Parade 2015

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This Saturday, July 4 at 9:00 AM is the Freedom Festival Grand Parade – the largest of its kind in the state of Utah – highlighting freedom through bands, professionally crafted floats, giant helium balloons and local and national performers.

I will be in the parade, riding in style on Provo Beach’s authentic Surrey Bike! The Surrey Bike is a red, 4-person bike with a canopy and a large Provo Mayor banner – you can’t miss me! Keep your eyes peeled because I will be giving out limited edition patriotic #Vote4Provo shirts along the parade route!

If you see me – cheer loud and I will do my best to make sure you get a shirt!

Freedom Shirt

Also, make sure to check out the Provo 311 Booth – they will be located on the north corner of the Library. They will be giving out awesome Provo Swag including: sunglasses, water bottles and fun 3D firework glasses! The firework glasses are great for watching the firework displays at night but also work as a fan to keep you cool during the day while you are enjoying all of the Freedom Festival activities.

You can also purchase Freedom Festival pins at their booth along with Provo City flags! The pins are available for a $5 donation. Those who buy a pin will have the chance to be one of 100 winners who will receive two free tickets to the Stadium of Fire. You can purchase a hand-held Provo City flag for $2 or a 3×5 flag for $15. Cash, check, or card is accepted.



The parade will follow the same route that it has in previous years. It begins at 960 North University Ave and proceeds south to 100 South and then turns east to 200 East. From there it turns north to Center Street and then turns east and ends at 900 East.

Please take note of the following road closures: University Ave and Center Street will be closed from 6:30 AM to about Noon on Saturday, July 4. University Ave will be closed from Bulldog Blvd to 300 South, Center Street will be closed from University Ave to 900 East, and 900 East will be closed from 800 North to 150 South.



Spectators may “stake out” their claim to a spot along University Avenue no earlier than July 3, at 3:00 PM per Provo City Ordinance. All other portions of the parade route can not be claimed or reserved until July 4, at 5:00 AM. This includes trying to “reserve or occupy, or attempt to claim, reserve or occupy, either in person or by the placement of ropes, tents, chairs, sleeping bags, blankets, or other devices or barriers, any public property as a position for observing [the] public parade” (SECTION 9.14.220).
All motor vehicles located on the parade route must be moved prior to 8:00 PM on July 3, 2015 or “shall be considered a public nuisance and may be towed from the public street”. Please note that in order to reserve a spot on the parade route at least one person must be present. Any items left unattended may be moved. Portable toilets will be located every other block along the parade route.

For more information visit

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  1. Brian

    I’m certain it is too late again this year to make a change to the parade procedures, but I will voice my concern again. My family loves going to the parade and we go every year. We always play the silly Utah game of reserving a spot two days before. (Never needed to do this in other states we have lived in, everyone showed up 1/2 hour before the parade, with their entire party, set up their chairs and blankets next to those who had already arrived, no gaps and room for everyone.) Often times though, we have met friends that we run into at the parade and decide to sit together. Or some family members decide the next morning that they changed their mind and want to come, but we haven’t reserved enough space. (I hate it when people reserve more than they need so we only reserve what we feel we need to.) The problem becomes that there isn’t enough room for everyone because we didn’t claim enough space and the space all around us is “claimed by others.” Now I understand that others also have family and friends coming later and they want to sit by their family and friends. Our frustration is with the people who put up ropes and reserve swaths many times greater than the space they need, and refuse to let anyone sit in “their space.” Case in point, last year the group next to us staked and roped off from the curb to the sidewalk, yet only 10 people showed up. They all sat in a single line along the street, with 3/4 of their reserved space unused behind them. Well after the parade started some of our friends passed by and asked if they could sit in that space next to us. A woman in the group refused to let them as if she had titled ownership of it. She barked at many others to move on as well. The space never filled up during the entire parade. The solution I would like to propose is that, along with tents and canopies; staked ropes and caution tape need to come down 20 minutes before the parade starts. If a space is unfilled 20 minutes before the parade starts, the “reservation” is forfeited. There is plenty of room for everyone, if everyone takes only what they need.

    1. Mimi

      I like the idea, Brian. It does get pretty cutthroat out there! My family often attends the July 4th parade in Murray, and people (including my family members) will camp out a day or two before for spots; however, people are usually pretty reasonable about squeezing latecomers in where there is space.

      Opening spaces 30 minutes before the start time even seems reasonable!

    2. Laurie

      Totally agree – there have been times we have tried to squeeze just two people into a small space that’s not being used and gotten yelled at – and at the end of the parade that spot still hadn’t been used by anyone. It would be nice if everyone would just squeeze in and make a little room. We all want a chance to celebrate – even if we’re not able to spend the night. If you do have someone saving you a spot, at least be considerate of others and show up on time so any extra space can be opened up for others.

    3. pam

      Welcome to Provo Utah

  2. Brian, i agree! People should give up unused reserved spots something like 20 or 30 minutes before the parade starts.

  3. Linda

    I Love your blog 🙂 You are by far the Coolest Hippest Mayor in Utah!!!!

  4. Craig

    What time does the 311 booth open for shirts? We always sit by Provo Peaks elementary and last year there weren’t any shirts to throw out by the end of the parade… Though your assistant really stepped up and helped me get one after. I’d just be more than happy to join the line if I knew when. Thanks!

    1. John

      Hi Craig,

      The 311 booth will be ready to go 8:00 am that morning.

  5. Your Mom


    Never been to the Provo parade, but I want to do something nice for the kids to remember. We don’t do much. I will be coming from Centerville. So if I go, I want to make sure we get a spot. I’m a little hesitant after reading Brian’s comment. I am willing to stay the night, but not 2 days! What advice can anyone give me so its worth my time and effort. If its too much of a fight, I’d ather watch the parade on TV.

    1. John

      It’s easier to get a spot to watch the parade on Center Street since you can’t reserve a spot until the day of starting at 5:00 AM. It’s only University Ave where you can reserve a spot the night before – see the spectator rules section. You should have no problem finding a spot the day of – along center. University Ave is more crowded, but you can still find small spots there too.

  6. Sam

    Just so I understand. Once the time frame and location is open, you can reserve a spot with some chairs? We don’t have to stay the night there do we? It’s just my wife and I and our two small children.

    1. John

      Hi Sam,

      In order to reserve a spot on the parade route at least one person must be present. Any items left unattended may be moved.

  7. Jenny

    We lived on or within a block of the parade route for 10 years but don’t anymore. We usually come down still but didn’t this year. Is it aired live on TV?

  8. Worthy

    So sad 🙁 My husband and I both cheered for the Mayor and we even ran alongside him but we never got a shirt thrown at us 🙁 This happened on Center Street.

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