Happy Anniversary!


Today Sue and I celebrate 33 years of marriage. Although we both grew up in Salt Lake City, I feel like our marriage is laced with Provo memories. The photo above was taken at King Henry Apartments in 1981. Some of our dates included climbing Mt. Timpanogos, water skiing on Utah Lake, BYU Football games and of course the Christopher Cross concert at the Marriott Center.

After living with our young family in Taiwan, California and Virginia we decided it was time to make one last move to the city where we would finish raising our family and spend the rest of our lives.

We undertook an exhaustive search of cites all over the United States. We visited larger cites like, Denver and Phoenix and smaller cites like Cedar City. Our search lead us to Provo where we knew instantly that this was where we wanted to be. I had no idea at the time just how much we would love this city.

Those of you that know Sue know how lucky I am. For those that don’t know her I’ll just say that in 33 years she has never slowed down. She knows how to have fun, get things done, work hard and be beautiful all at the same time.

Happy Anniversary and here’s to the next 33 years (in Provo).

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  1. Sarah Longman

    You guys are the cutest couple ever! Thank you for the fun Free Outdoor Movie last night. We really enjoy family friendly events. It gets us out and interacting with our community. My children really enjoyed the MC, he was a super fun guy. We appreciate all items Google contributed as well. I forgot to tell you the website to adopt a rescue pet: http://www.petfinder.com It helps you find dogs in local foster homes or shelters near you to adpot. The fees are very reasonable. You are doing a great job as our Mayor. Keep up the great work!

    1. John

      Sarah, Thanks for your kindness. I’ll check out the pet finder.

  2. Midge Johnson

    Congratulations! Great couple….love ya both!

  3. Carole

    Hope your day is wonderful. We are all glad you decided on Provo. You have made it better for many. Love and best wishes to two wonderful people.

  4. Dion Wood

    Congratulations! But don’t tear up our beautiful city and make University Ave ugly and dangerous with the stupid BRT plan which does not even change the route and is a disgusting waste of money $150 Million and will also make our beautiful new Provo City Temple look bloody ugly! So if you truly are a Latter Day Saint and also respect private property rights, freedom and the Constitutional Rule of law then do the right thing for this City and the un-alienable rights of the people of Provo

    1. John

      Dion, Wow! sounds like a lot of pent up frustration. Would you like to come discuss your concerns in person?

  5. Debbie B.


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