Provo’s New Weekly Recycling Service!


You asked and we listened! Provo residents wanted weekly pick-up for recycled material – so on November 1, we as a city utility will take over managing and providing recycling services.

Starting August 1 we will be switching out your current recycling containers owned and managed by Republic Services and replacing them with new Provo City recycling containers. Your new containers will arrive at your homes and businesses between August 1 through October 31, along with a packet on information that details the new schedule and offers tips on what to recycle and why. It will take about three months for everyone in the city to receive new containers. 

Beginning November 1 the city will start recycling service on a weekly basis instead of bi-weekly. Before November 1, however, the new containers will continue to be serviced by Republic Services as normal on your normal scheduled service day and week.

This change will save both residents and the city money. We will use two of the trucks we currently have and only need to add one new truck. The cost of curbside recycling service will be only $1 more for double the service. In addition, residents can dial 3-1-1 (or 801-852-6000) to get help instead of having to work through a third party. A friendly Provo City customer service rep can get you signed up and answer any of your recycling questions as well as address concerns.

This all comes as a direct response to requests from residents. Many felt that the bi-weekly schedule was confusing and/or were finding their recycling bins filled up well before their pick-up date. We heard you ask for weekly service. You said you wanted more, so now here it comes!

I think it’ll be a welcome change and help us all in our ongoing efforts to reuse and recycle and work to save our planet.

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  1. Brian

    Will this change in service affect what items can be recycled?

    1. John

      Hi Brian, the acceptable items to recycle will stay the same.

    2. Paul Morris

      Are the green cans going to be larger than the black cans as they have been in the past?

      1. John

        Hi Paul, the recycling cans will be the same size as the trashcans.

  2. Jack

    Thank you so much. This is awesome!

  3. Kalama

    Will we still be able get service from Republic Services, if we wish to support free enterprise? Or will they be forced out by this government run service?

    1. Tottie

      This move is in response to a survey, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s just recycling with better service. I’m really excited about this change and it’s awesome that action is being taken based on the public’s opinion. This is how government should work. Bravo mayor!

      1. Kalama

        Indeed, I completely agree; I think weekly pickup is excellent. Why can’t Republic Services do a weekly pickup though? Are they simply unwilling, and so the only other option is to use a government run service? Or are they being replaced for other reasons?

    2. Rick

      Never forget Kalama, you can move out of Provo any time you like.

    3. Larue

      This is totally ridiculous there is no way you can do recycling on a weekly basis. And how many people are you going to loose once you increase the cost?? Kalama Republic Service wasn’t given the opportunity to do weekly recycling they wanted biweekly for the last five years. New blood thinks he can do ha ha is all I can say. I am sorry but I can’t say they are doing a good jobwhen was the public survey or was it a city council survey?? There is no money in recycle anymore they need to be honest and tell the truth.

      1. Danielle Haymore

        I took the survey and I’m just a Provo citizen. I heard about it through one of the Mayor’s e-mails I think, or if not, through a Facebook group called Provo Forward, which anyone can join. As far as I understand, the survey was issued in the first place because Provo City was getting complaints about the recycling service. Looking over the comments from Provo citizens, the overwhelming response to the City’s question about what to do about recycling was easily that they wanted a weekly service, including me. Many people are very happy with this change because, as the Mayorsaid, this is what we asked for. People have been filling up their recycling bins twice as fast as their black bins. It just doesn’t make sense not to change to weekly if enough people are in this situation, and driving around Provo on recycling pick-up day, anyone can see that there are definitely enough people recycling to merit a change.

    4. Adam

      ” the new containers will continue to be serviced by Republic Services as normal on your normal scheduled service day and week.”

  4. Cynthia Madsen

    This is wonderful news! Thank you, Provo City. You are doing a wonderful job! Cindy Madsen

  5. Tom M.

    This is awesome. Thanks for listening.

  6. Todd

    City employee need a raise help than out as well

  7. Nick

    Are there plans to start accepting glass as a recyclable in the near future?

    1. John

      Hi Nick,

      The City will soon provide a drop off location for glass recycling at the Recreation Center! Stay tuned for an announcement soon with more details!

  8. marcia neff

    Yes. weekly recycling makes perfect sense, So confusing to remember when to put can out. Good decision!

  9. Amy Turner

    Thank you so much!!!! What a great city we live in — and led by such visionary leaders! Thank you for listening and implementing this change based on resident requests. Your work is much appreciated!! Amy Turner

  10. Norm Johnson

    Will those who recycle continue to be penalized by paying higher fee than those who do not? It seems to me that the non-recyclers should pay more than those who do as land fill sapce is limited.

    1. Diane Dabczynski

      That used to be the case some years ago. As in, if you chose to recycle you got hit with a double bill. I called the city and made the suggestion you just made to no avail back then. Anyway, that was finally figured out by the town and the fees have been evened out. If you don’t recycle you pay more than before.

      1. Norm Johnson

        You did not answer the question. If I understand correctly you pay a higher fee if you recycle.

  11. Bonnie Marshall

    Will be ever be able to recycle glass?

    1. John

      Hi Bonnie,

      Yes! Provo City will soon provide a drop off location for glass recycling at the Recreation Center! Stay tuned for an announcement soon with more details!

  12. Brad Stapley

    So what are my individual monthly costs for Waste (black lid), Green Waste (green lid) and Recycle (blue lid)? If I do all three, do I get a discount?

    1. John

      Hi Brad,

      1 black can is $14.50, with a blue can is $18.25 or with a green can March-November is $17.25 and/or Dec-Feb $12.50. For all three, 1 black, blue, green can March – Nov is $23.00 and/or Dec-Feb $18.25.

  13. Sean

    I live in an apartment complex that doesn’t have recycling services offered to it’s residents, how can I recycle if I want to?

    1. John

      Hi Sean,

      You can sign up for Provo’s recycling service on your own. Your recycling can will need to be taken out to the curb on service day and removed within 24 hours. Dial 3-1-1 or 801-852-6000 to get signed up.

      1. Sean

        That is SO AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks! Provo Rocks!

  14. Linda Long

    How do I go about getting signed up for the recycling program? The man that drives the garbage truck told my grandson that we needed to get another can or we could be fined, I just don’t know how to get it started.

    1. John

      Hi Linda,

      Call Provo’s Customer Service and we can get you signed up. Dial 3-1-1 or 801-852-6000.

  15. Linda Peterson

    Is there any chance that we will get glass recycling?

    1. John

      Hi Linda,

      Yes, the City is working on a drop off location for glass recycling at the Recreation Center! Stay tuned for an announcement soon with more details!

      1. Danielle

        That’s great!

  16. Bill Williams

    For those of us who live in twin homes etc with small back yards can we get smaller cans, than three big ones. Thanks Bill Williams

  17. Matt

    Thanks in advance for providing glass recycling!

  18. Marcus Smith

    It’s been left vague as to when the old Republic containers will be picked up and permanently taken away ….. specifically when we should leave them curbside for permanent removal.

    1. John

      Marcus – Have you called 3-1-1?


  19. Mary Cobabe

    It looks like every one on my street put the blue cans out today thinking that today was the day you were bringing the new cans & taking the old blue ones .Blue ones are out on the street up & down both sides..So how will we know when you are bringing the new ones & taking the blue ones away? Looking forward to every week for recycling!

    1. John

      Mary – Thank you for the comment. Have you had a chance to call 3-1-1 yet?


  20. Mary Cobabe

    I tried to call on the phone to ask & I waited over 12 minutes & then got cut off. Sorry I do not know what the URL is ?

  21. HLK

    Is the city picking up the old cans when they drop off the new ones? They brought my new recycling can, but my old one is still at my house. Thanks for offering weekly service!

    1. John

      HLK – Yes, your old one should have been removed. If you contact Customer Service by dialing 311, they should be able to get that taken care of.


      1. Norm Johnson

        We have called multiple times to311 to get the cans in our neighborhood picked up but the answer ismaybe by Nov 1st. Icomplined by having them out others would be placing things in them and that is exactly what happened

  22. Mark Werner

    It’s November, so I put my recycling can out today, but it was not emptied. Is the weekly service not happening yet?

    1. John

      Hi Mark,

      Yes, the weekly recycling started this week! The recycle truck comes at a different time than the truck that empties your trash can.

  23. JS

    The old blue cans in our neighborhood have been sitting out for 10 days. Do you know when we can expect them to be picked up. Today is 11-12-15

    1. John

      Public Works is behind on picking up the blue republic cans. If you could keep it out on your curb until they are picked up – they will hopefully get to it soon!

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