2015 City Council Candidate Videos

This interview is part of a series of videos intended to help Provo citizens familiarize themselves with the candidates for city council in the 2015 election. Each candidate was invited to participate in this initiative, but participation was optional.

During the filming of the interviews, the candidates were presented with the same five questions, and encouraged to answer each question within 60 seconds. Those who took more than 60 seconds to answer a question were not cut short, and those who took less than 60 seconds were not prompted for longer answers. The candidate’s answers have not been edited—they appear in this video as they were given during the interview.

Provo City and its employees do not endorse any particular candidate with the publication of these videos. Their sole purpose is to provide Provo citizens a resource that will help them make an informed decision on election day.

District 1

District 3

District 5

City-Wide II

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  1. This is the first time I’ve seen such transparency in presenting the candidates running for election. Nice work! There are some wonderful candidates to choose from.

  2. Andy

    I find it disconcerting that not one candidate spoke about the proposed increases in utility bills that are already expensive and disproportionate to families with average or lower incomes. My perception is that the city is spending a lot of money on new and shiny things and using the utility bills to pay for them, thereby taxing simple families without giving them a chance to vote on it.

    1. Agreed

      1. However candidate Brian Smith DID mention quote “taking the tax load off of our citizens”

  3. Jessica

    I’m SO grateful for this information 🙂 I definitely feel more prepared to make my decision on the 11th!

  4. Rob

    Thank you for posting these videos. I feel like they are a useful way to get to know the candidates to decide who to support.

    1. Me too!!

  5. Katie

    Thank you!! These were very helpful.

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