When There’s a Single Thief, It’s Robbery. When There are a Thousands Thieves, it’s taxation.

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“When There’s a Single Thief, It’s Robbery. When There are a Thousands Thieves, it’s taxation.” Vanya Cohen

No one likes property tax. I call it the most dreaded tax. I did some research into how much our residents were paying in property tax and found that if we adjust for inflation we’re collecting less than we were clear back to 1998.

The Utah State Government has set up a system that gives cites no allowance for inflation in property tax unless they call it a tax increase. Cities around the State, including Provo, have been reluctant to do this so as a result most of us are functioning on far less spending income than we did many years ago. At the same time, demands for services from residents have only increased.

This years budget includes a one year cost of living adjustment that we will use to fund an additional police officer.

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  1. john breeding

    That may be true for property taxes, but you would be incomplete if you don’t list all of the fee increases and things we add to the utility bill. You can’t just look at the property tax.

    1. John

      Good point John. We have added a charge to the utility bill to cover the iProvo debt. No one likes this fee, especially me but decisions made many years ago left with us with a large debt and no payment source. We have also added a fee “UTF” for road maintenance. This replaced a road bond that expired last year. Previously residents were paying for the road bond with their property tax. Now they are paying it with the utility bill. This link has a very detailed explanation. http://provomayor.com/2013/08/22/utf/

  2. JohnC

    I like moving costs like these off the property tax and onto the utility bill. That way renters and homeowners both share the costs.

  3. JohnC

    I thought I should mention that I’ve been a renter in Provo for 9 years.

  4. Jessica

    I don’t mind the idea of raising property taxes, but I think at this point schools should be prioritized.

    It’s an understandable increase though and thank you about being transparent about what the additional money is being allocated for.

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