Bag It!


On the way to work I saw a hard-working-young lady raking her leaves. It looked like a scene out of “Home and Garden” with the crystal clear blue sky and beautiful leaves. However, as I watched, she moved her huge pile of leaves from the lawn into the city gutter.

Leaves in gutters can clog storm drains and cause flooding problems. As a result, the city has a crew that cleans the leaves out of gutters. Our staff doesn’t have the capacity to remove all the leaves from all the gutters so we ask for help from our residents not to put leaves in the gutters.

Leaf bag pickup is scheduled to run through the month of November. However, since many homes in the city have trees that will not drop all of their leaves until there is a snow fall, we typically continue to pick them up through December or until the snow becomes too deep to see the bags.

Leaf bags are normally available during the six weeks of the Fall Clean Up at the Public Works office (1377 S. 350 E.) and at the City Center Customer Service desk (351W Center). Due to the demand, we have continued to hand out bags at the Public Works office and we will also have bags available at Customer Service to those that come in with a Leaf Bag Coupon found in the August Newsletter or a proof of residence. We still have plenty of bags left for those that are in need.

The pickup schedule should be the same as the normal trash service day, with our crews running from 6 AM until 4 PM.  This schedule will be maintained until crews transition to snow removal. Any special requests can be submitted to customer service, in order to meet additional needs.

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  1. Amy

    Are the leaf bags available for residents made of paper (biodegradable?). Thanks

    1. John

      Hi Amy,

      No. The leaf bags are plastic. A few years ago we had paper bags, but they got harder and harder to find. We have someone pull the plastic bags out as the loads come in.

  2. Julie S

    Can we use our own black trash bags?

    1. John

      Yes, just make sure that there is only leaves in the bags.

  3. Lee

    Isn’t it a little odd to give out a coupon in August for leaves that fall in late October through early December? Do so every year. Think behind not ahead.

  4. Chienkuo Tsai

    Thank you, Mayor Curtis!! For all the services and leaderships.

  5. Karen

    this is such a great service, if i ever live in another city, i hope they would do the same for leaves.

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