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Many cities are envious of our voters. In 2010 you gave us the green light to build the Recreation Center, last year over 70% of you gave the School District the thumbs up to spend $108 million dollars on new schools and yesterday you once again gave us your vote of support by approving the Recreation, Arts and Parks tax.

Thank you for your trust and confidence. The vote will give Provo City 1 penny for every $10 of sales in the City of Provo for the next 10 years. This money combined with other funds set aside for parks will allow us to replace tired and worn out facilities, improve the Provo River Trail and finish parks that have been started but lack the funds to finish.

What we have here in Provo is hard to find in government.

  • Residents that are willing to invest in quality of life issues and who trust their city to deliver value for their tax dollars.
  • City employees that consistently deliver value and guard the tax dollars that you have entrusted to us.

Congratulations to George Stewart, Gary Winterton, Dave Knecht, Kay Van Buren and David Harding for their council victories and a sincere thanks to all the candidates for being willing to run and be part of the process. The images below show the election results from last night. The Daily Herald has updated the results from Tuesday’s races for many Utah County cities. You can view the results here.

You can also read Daily Herald’s article about the Election here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.15.37 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.15.47 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.16.05 AM


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  1. Carole

    Glad for the privilege of voting and living in Provo, UT. Mayor Curtis, you and your council do a great job. Thank you for your service.

  2. Chris Pattberg

    Mayor Curtis – What is your comment on the result of Proposition 1? I believe that you were in favor of the tax. I voted against it on the basis of the % allocated to UTA. We still have transportation needs to be addressed and funded in Provo. How do we address them now?

    1. John

      Chris – Those are a lot of questions that are probably easier addressed in person. Can we set up a chance to chat face-to-face?


      1. Chris Pattberg

        John – I would like to talk for a while on this topic. Feel free to reach me at the email as part of my reply. Thanks – Chris

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