Provo Westside Connector Update

My profileWork accomplished on the new Provo Westside Connector this year has included embankments, utilities, excess soil removal, drainage, preparation of the road base to receive pavement and building the connection to the I-15 interchange at University Avenue.

Construction work on the Provo Westside Connector is expected to decrease with the winter weather. During the winter months, the corridor will remain a construction zone containing hazardous conditions and is not open to the public.

The project is a collaboration between Provo City, the Federal Highway Administration and the Utah Department of Transportation. The Provo Westside Connector is a new arterial road between Provo Airport and the I-15 interchange with University Avenue and 1860 South. The project area is located in southwest Provo south of Center Street and west of I-15, traveling three miles to the airport.


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