PTA Reflections Contest

IMG_7062Over the years the Curtis family has had fun with the annual PTA Reflections Contest. Sadly our kids are too old to participate anymore. The National PTA Reflections Contest is an art contest that is conducted by PTA’s all over the country. Our Provo schools PTA’s have completed their contests and the winners have advanced to the the district (council) level. This Thursday they are going to be displaying the winners artwork and awarding the students that will be advancing to the Region level of the competition at the Provo Recreation Center.
If you want to get an early peek into Provo’s future artist come check out their work. Thursday, December 3rd, from 5:30-7:30 pm at the Provo Recreation Center.
This is an open house type event, so you can come at any time.
We have some wonderful artists here in the Provo School District!


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  1. What a fun surprise to see that the first picture on your post is the one my daughter drew! Thanks to you she now feels famous.

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