Provo’s Job Market is on Fire!


According to CNN Money, Provo is quickly becoming one of America’s hottest job markets! Jobs in the Provo area grew at the fastest pace of any town in the United States last year. Our unemployment rate is an enviable 2.7%, nearly half the national average of 5%, according to the U.S. Labor Department. Provo’s 5.2% annual jobs growth through November far outpaces the 1.9% gains nationally.

Provo has become a big tech hub for the area. One factor luring businesses of all stripes: wicked fast internet. Google awarded Provo with its Google Fiber program in 2014. That means residents and businesses have lightning fast internet — something tech start ups especially love.

Provo’s construction industry saw a double-digit percent increase in job growth last year too, according to the Labor Department. Hospitals and the nearby colleges, such as Utah Valley State University, are among the area’s largest employers.

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