Templegeddon 2016

Screenshot 2016-01-25 19.46.24

By all accounts, this has been a successful temple open house so far. The City’s up-front planning has parking disruptions to a minimum and things have been running so smoothly that I’ve heard from several residents, “When’s it going to start getting crazy around here?”

The truth is – our downtown is as ready for┬ávisitors as it is for our long time locals.

Much of the smoothness has to do with all the time and energy our police (huge shout out to Jeff Lougee and his team) and the cooperation between the LDS Church, City officials, and our downtown merchants.

So if you have your normal Wednesday lunch at one of our 50+ restaurants, don’t feel as if you’ll never find space or that “it’s so busy, I can’t go down there.”

The truth is – it’s as incredible as always!

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  1. Dixon

    Here here. Be here in downtown. Now is the time to be a regular in downtown.

  2. Lynn

    The photo attached here has nothing whatsoever to do with the article! Why not show a current photo of downtown Provo if you are really trying to assuage people’s fears of current overcrowding? This photo IS of overcrowding *somewhere else* and was taken in the summer.

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