State of the City 2016


Update: A recording of the Mayor’s State of the City is now available to watch on Youtube. I’ve embedded the video above. Enjoy!

Today’s the day! I’m looking forward to sharing with you the state of our city. I’ll be broadcasting the State of the City address live on my social media channels. That means Facebook, Twitter, Periscope (curtisut), Instagram and Snapchat (provomayor). 

Be sure to tune in at 2PM to see the live broadcast and get ready to like, fave, and retweet. Feel free to ask questions during my address and I’ll get to them after the speech is over.

If you miss the live broadcast, you’ll still be able to watch the address on my blog. I’ll be sure to post the published video right here later today.

I’ve never been more excited for Provo’s future! Hope to see everyone at 2PM! #stateofprovo

Update: You can also watch a video of the Q&A:

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  1. Deon Turley

    I enjoyed this format for the speech. I think you got more listeners than ever. Good luck with achieving your goals for the City!

  2. Aaron

    With the plans of bringing more students to downtown Provo are there any plans to improve the downtown area so traveling across or through Provo isn’t as difficult? Theoretically the quickest commute would be straight down Center street onto the freeway, however, center street is ridiculously slow, someone turning left can completely shutdown a lane, cars using shops on either side can back up and block traffic, and adding more people will only exacerbate the issue. I typically avoid Center street because of these issues, however, events such as the outdoor expo shutdown 100 N.

    1. John

      Aaron – Thanks for the post. We love our downtown and understand that more people means there’s potential for additional traffic. It’s important that we continue looking at solutions like mass transit and other, less congested routes.


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