Provo Celebrates International Women’s Day


Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.37.00 AMYesterday during my State of the City address I made an exciting announcement: for the first time ever, Provo City will be celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th. This is part of my initiative as mayor to help increase leadership opportunities for the women of Provo in 2016.

The day will kick off with a breakfast hosted by Sue and me (I’ll be there via Washington DC) and a Q & A about anything from parenting to politics. The breakfast will be followed by a lecture series featuring some of Provo‚Äôs most established business owners, academics, writers, philanthropists, as well as some of our promising women of aviation and tech. The breakfast and the lecture series are both free and open to the public (all genders welcome) but we encourage you to RSVP. Please check your calendar before you claim a ticket to reserve your spot. We want everyone who is available to be able to attend but we are expecting the lecture series to fill up. There’s only a limited amount of seating.

That evening we’ve partnered up with several Provo establishments and personalities to host several events to celebrate the occasion. There will be a film screening, an art discussion, a music reception and a dance party. You will find all the details for these engaging activities on the Provo Women’s Day website, Please note that there are still a few events on the site that have not released tickets yet. We will continue to update the website with the latest information as they become available so check back soon.

If you would like to host an event, please let us know and we’ll add it to our growing list of celebrations. There is still plenty of room for a sporting event, a group hike, science experiments and much more. I encourage you to get creative and join in! If you would like to participate, please contact Whitney Booth at

This event started as a city initiative to enhance the visibility of the women of Provo, promote leadership opportunities for women in our community, and provide opportunities for women to help one another. Our hope is that it will grow into a Provo tradition and become a part of our culture for years to come.

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  1. Amanda

    I so wish I was in town to go to this. I hope y’all do it next year. Any plans to record the lectures and put online for those that can’t make it?

  2. Wendi Frederickson

    I have requested information about registering my high school students and no one has responded. I am afraid that the lecture series is already full and I did not get a chance to register my students even though I sent the email requesting information last week. Please help me out!

    1. John

      Wendy – Thanks for the message. I’ll check and see what I can do.


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