Provo Birthday Week Coming Soon!

At the end of my State of the City address last month I was asked a very important question: Mayor, will you be celebrating Happy Birthday Provo this year?

Here’s the backstory:

Last year we started something we hoped would become an annual Provo City event: a birthday party for our town. We asked everyone to throw community parties with their friends, classmates, coworkers, children and neighbors. We tied 166 yellow balloons downtown. We celebrated with businesses, schools and BYU students. I attended every party thrown (over 20 total) and at the end of the week my pride for Provo was elevated to a place I never knew I could get to.

So my answer is: yes. Yes we are going to celebrate. March 28-April 1st. I hope Provo will join in again throwing parties, tying yellow balloons around the town, attending events, eating cake and ice cream, growing the Provo pride throughout the city and in our hearts.

Look for details to come, but in the meantime, please count on doing something to show your love for our town during our Happy Birthday Provo week. And let me know so I can come too.

P.S. as a reference, here’s a perky video from last year’s celebrations.

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  1. Trilby

    And since my birthday is March 27th and I love Provo dearly, I’ll just party all week!

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