Happy Birthday Provo Week!


Dear Provo,

I am happy to report that due to the popularity of last year’s Happy Birthday Provo Week, we’ve decided to bring back the celebration for this year’s 167th birthday of our favorite town!

We would love to have you help us celebrate the occasion any day from March 28th-April 1st – in your homes, your neighborhoods, your schools and businesses. Please see below all the ways we’d love to have you celebrate:

  1. Balloon Blitz — We want to decorate Provo for its birthday and we want your help. We want to fly as many yellow balloons around town as possible throughout the entire week. We are kicking off the blitz by placing 167 balloons along Center Street in honor of the 167th anniversary of Provo’s founding. You can join in by placing yellow balloons on your homes, in your neighborhoods, your schools, businesses and establishments. Do you have a favorite park, or landmark, or trailhead? Think about leaving a balloon there to pay tribute to “your Provo”. Need some balloons? You can pick up one yellow balloon per person at the City Center Lobby (351 W Center Street) during business hours starting Monday, March 28. 
  2. Throw a Birthday Party — Get together with your classroom, colleagues, clients, family, friends or neighbors and throw a birthday party for our city. Try Pin the Y on the Mountain. Eat funeral potatoes. Play The Provo Celebrity Name Game (Jimmer! Donny! Mayor Curtis!). Serve BYU Creamery Ice Cream. Have a dance party spinning only local music. Need some party favors? Download our Provo Birthday Party packet and print out party hats, birthday signage or a coloring page. Test your trivia about Provo using facts from the Provo Library’s History of Provo City Timeline. Want to invite me? I will personally show up to any Provo birthday party. Email us at GRobie@provo.org so I can visit your bash in style.
  3. Win a Birthday Cake — Are you on social media? Please take time next week to post one thing you appreciate about Provo (the mountains, the parks, the ample number of babies) and tag it with #happybirthdayprovo. Share your experience while you attend a Provo birthday celebration or participate in the balloon blitz. I’ll be retweeting, liking and sharing your posts all week long, so please be generous. I’m also giving out birthday gifts to a few lucky winners each day! If I see your photo or message on social media,  you could win a personal birthday cake!
  4. Provo Founders’ Day Celebration — This yearly celebration will happen on Provo’s Birthday – April 1st at the Provo Pioneer Village in North Park (500 N and 500 West) from 5:00 – 9:00 pm. Never been to the Pioneer Village? It’s time you go. Take the whole family!
  5. Attend a Community Event — Local businesses, community members, and organizations are celebrating Provo’s birthday by hosting public events. There is practically a party scheduled every day this week! If you would like to attend a party and join in the celebration, check out a list of events on my blog, the Facebook Event Page and on my calendar. We’ll be adding events to the calendar every day so check back regularly.
  6. Coloring Contest — something new this year! Local Artist Steve Vistaunet has created a Happy Birthday Provo coloring page that is bright and sunny and perfect for all ages. You can either download the coloring page found in our Provo Birthday Party packet or pick one up at our 311 Customer Service counter (351 W Center Street). Color the page just for fun or turn it back in to our 311 desk to be entered to win a prize bag full of Provo birthday gifts! Be sure to turn in your completed coloring page by Friday, April 1 and include your name and email on the back. Also, all coloring pages will be displayed in our Provo City lobby during the month of April. 
  7. Blast Provo’s theme Song – Blast Provo’s new theme song, “Happy Birthday, Provo! all around town. A huge thanks to Collin Hatch (Lindenfield) who wrote the song featured in the music video above and thanks to Taylor Olson, Aaron Hatch, and Weston Carlos Wride for making the song sound epic. Check out the full version: “Happy Birthday, Provo (feat. Taylor Olson)” on iTunes: http://apple.co/1RnOKcj, Spotify: http://bit.ly/1XYCPCf, or Tidal: tidal.com/track/58583640

I am proud to be the mayor of Provo. In 167 years we’ve accomplished a lot. I hope we continue to grow this city with pride and smart progress. But for now, let’s celebrate this city we all love!

Mayor Curtis

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  1. Ginger

    Loved your video. Three cheers for Corey and Courtney who put themselves out there in a big way.

  2. Maralie

    So excited to celebrate! My son will turn 6 months old on Monday, so we are throwing a combined 1/2 birthday/167th birthday party! 🙂 We’ll be emailing you an invitation, Mayor Curtis!


    1. John

      Congratulations. I’ll look for your email.

  3. Charlotte Bechtel

    Who are the people in the coloring page?

    1. John

      Coloring page? Is that a term I missed?


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