April Showers

IMG_6108Almost every time it rains I hear, “I’m glad it’s raining. We need the moisture.” My perception of this year is that we’ve had plenty of moisture. Unfortunately, what we’ve had has made little impact on our water situation. Yesterday, I received the following water report from Greg Beckstrom, Public Services Director.

Snow pack through most of the the Provo River basin this year has been higher than any year since 2011.  Nevertheless, it was still at, or below normal (in the 80 – 100% range).

Little, if any spring runoff is expected out of the frontal canyons east of Provo City this year. Recent warm weather has already dropped snow depth significantly, at low and medium elevations.

Flows in the lower Provo River are currently in the 150 cfs (cubic feet per second) range. Peak flows in early May (500 – 600 cfs) will be dictated by artificial releases for the June Sucker, not by natural runoff. Utah Lake is about 4.3’ below compromise (normal) elevation.  It may rise a few inches this spring, but will likely peak near 4’ below compromise (6½ feet below the peak in 2011).

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