Provo Westside Connector Construction Update


Now that the weather is starting to warm back up, crews are making preparations for work to re-commence on the Westside Connector Project. Due to the cold weather in December of last year, work to the main roadway was suspended. Work to finish up the Westside Connector will start again over the summer and the road will open to traffic sometime this fall.

All lanes of traffic along the on-ramps leading to Southbound I-15 from University Avenue and from 1860 South are currently open to traffic. You can expect to see some minor work taking place along the roadway such as fencing, pipe, culverts, access improvements, and grading to existing dirt. And attention all runners, bikers and pedestrians! There is no public access to the Westside Connector. This is a construction zone and is not open to the public at this time.

To view a representation of the eventual five lane configuration (the current construction is one lane in each direction with a center turn lane) watch the video below:

To receive weekly e-mail construction updates, please send an e-mail with “Updates” in the subject line to:

For questions, concerns or updates, you can call 1-800-653-4255 or email:

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