Provo #3 Best City for Tech

Photo by: Isaiah Robert Winters


According to DataFox, Provo has been ranked #3 Best City for Tech! Helped by strong public-private partnerships, centralized hubs that foster connections and innovation, and capital provided by established businesses, Provo City is an excellent choice for tech workers. DataFox crunched the numbers on nearly 20,000 private companies to find that Provo offers fast-growing businesses, strong fundamentals and affordability – without the cutthroat competition of the big-name startup hubs.

With low taxes, a ready source of intellectual capital from BYU and a focus on strong business fundamentals (not to mention Google Fiber), Provo offers a unique blend of innovation and work-life balance. According to DataFox, Provo’s businesses rank in the 96th percentile in terms of financial stability, and its cost of living is below the national average. And with Utah consistently ranked as one of the happiest states in the country, Provo is a haven for job seekers and their families.

Check out more of the ranking here:

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  1. David Bailey

    #3 best place?!?

  2. Marie-Luise Smith

    This is great. I am however concerned of the continued leaving of businesses from Provo. It appears that once they get of the ground they leave. Why is that? What can be done about that.

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