East Bay Golf Course #1 in Utah Valley


Huge thanks for everyone’s votes during the 2016 Best of Utah Valley Competition. I’d like to congratulate East Bay Golf Course for winning the title of #1 Best Golf Course in Utah Valley! Even though I’m not a golfer, I have a great appreciation for the value the course brings into our community. My thanks to those who work hard to keep the Reserve at East Bay a fantastic place to golf. If you haven’t been out to East Bay Golf course in a while it’s time to give it a try.

Check out the ranking here: utahvalley360.com/2016/05/04/2016-best-uv-entertainment

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  1. Amazing golf course! Golfers will surely enjoy the place as well as the audience.

  2. Incredible place! Everyone would enjoy golfing in here!

  3. Applause to East Bay Golf course for being the gold star in Utah Valley.

  4. I’ve played and i can confirm it’s greatest golf course in area

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