820 North Study Results Available for Review

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Over the past 11 months, Provo City and Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG) have conducted a master planning level study to evaluate potential improvements to the 800/820 North corridor. The goal of these improvements would be to improve east-west mobility and access to central areas of Provo City as well as Provo’s west side.

The study team considered:

  • Current and future travel demand on the 800/820 North corridor
  • Future land use scenarios and infrastructure improvement needs that will accommodate projected growth in Provo City and the Central Utah County area
  • Options for roadway cross-sections (number of lanes, shoulder width, landscaped medians, etc.)
  • Active transportation (cyclists and pedestrians), transit, and trail connection needs
  • Freeway access feasibility and its effect on the regional transportation network and local neighborhoods*

A public survey was conducted in March to measure the opinions of residents on a variety of elements of the 620 North and 800/820 North Corridors. Thank you to everyone who participated in the 820 North Corridor Study. There were 724 people who completed the survey in March. The comments given were thoughtful and detailed, resulting in over 140 pages of information. The study team carefully reviewed each comment and the engineering data collected over the last 11 months to formulate recommendations, which have now been posted to the website at 820northprovo.com.

The results of this study will become the basis for a portion of MAG’s next Long Range Transportation Plan update and Provo City’s transportation and land use planning in this area of Provo. Additionally, a report will be available at the end of the summer that details the analysis completed and includes public comments.

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