Who loves Provo? We do!

The World Below
Photo by: Scott Barlow

Who loves Provo? We do! Who wants a beautiful, clean, livable Provo now and in the future? We all do! The Provo Sustainability Committee is committed to helping that happen but we need every citizens help in order to do so. Every month the Sustainability Committee will give a short message on what YOU can do to help. SO, lets start in July by taking the CLEAN AIR CHALLENGE!

Drive less, bike and walk more, combine car trips, car pool, use public transportation, stop idling by turning off our cars, walk in to restaurants instead of driving-through,¬†etc. Let’s all do our part so we can continue to breathe easy and keep our air pollution free and our children safe from the major¬†health problems caused by air pollution in Utah county.

We can do it! It is worth it!

For more information on sustainability and the Clean Air Challenge visit our Facebook Page: facebook.com/provosustainability

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  1. Jessica Uremahm

    Wow, HDR.

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