Thank you Provo PD


My heart has been heavy all day. The news in Dallas has been disheartening . My only relief is a strong belief that things are different here in Provo. Although I believe this to be true I know that those who serve in the Provo Police Department and their families must be experiencing great anxiety over the events around the country.

I’m not sure of ¬†all that needs to be done on their behalf but the least I can do is publicly express my appreciation to our Provo Police team and their families for their service to all of us. Thanks men and women of the Provo Police Department for going out day after day to make Provo a great place to live. Thanks for your goodness and for the risks you take everyday on our behalf.

Members of the Provo Police Department and their families will be in my prayers tonight and every night. Please know that in Provo you are appreciated and respected not just by me but by all of us. God bless and protect you.

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  1. Brad Stone

    Amen! It is alarming to see the tide of disrespect for the Police across the country. While there will be problem employees in any profession, I believe that the vast, vast majority of police officers chose their profession because they want to help people. They put their life on the line every day to protect our freedoms and prosperity.

    We must all stand together against those that would destroy our freedom by destroying our faith and trust in our police.

    BTW, I don’t know any police officers very well, but I am still very grateful for them. Keep up the great work!

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