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I believe there’s still a place (actually many places) in our Country where the police are respected and work hard to earn the public’s trust. One of those places is right here in Provo. I heard this story several weeks ago and now seems like a good time to share it.

My 24 year old son, Tyler,  lost consciousness on our way to UVRMC early Saturday morning.  My 20 year old son started CPR in the truck and we called 911 to request assistance.  Your officers, ambulance and firetruck met us at Maverick on Center.

I have always been a supporter of the Provo PD, but your team became even more important to me that day as they worked so hard to bring him back.  Unfortunately, my son did not make it. 

I will be eternally grateful that officer Campbell was the responding officer that day.  My sweet 20 year old son was devastated not only at the loss of his brother, but with not being able himself to bring him back.  Officer Campbell immediately picked up on this and took the time to publicly and then just specifically to Parker share how his efforts were heroic and more than most could ever do.  The words he spoke that day are the only ones I remember.  He spent a significant amount of time that day with each of my boys to offer support and guidance.  The compassion, empathy and love we felt that day from Officer Campbell will be etched in our hearts and minds forever.  Words will never describe how we feel.  When I can, I would like to personally thank him, but in the meantime, if you would please pass along to him my gratitude for his kindness, compassion, strength and courage to emotionally and physically do his best to serve our family.  He was our guardian angel that day and will always have a place in our hearts.

We love Provo PD!  Thank you for leading them and for serving our family!


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  1. Southerngal

    I too believe that we have some of the finest officers in the nation and for that reason would like to see them be protected in the very best ways possible. As we’ve seen in Dallas and Baton Rouge, it only takes one crazy person to alter the lives of several police officers in a matter of moments, seconds even. What specialized equipment do our officers need to be protected in order to perform their duties in the safest way possible? How much will it cost to obtain it? What can we [Provo citizens] do to help them obtain it NOW rather than wait for it to go through the budget process?

  2. Tim Willis


  3. natelovell

    This is a great story, but I live in fear of the Provo PD. Provo is the only place I feel in constant danger of being arrested. I think most of the officers are bored and looking for criminal activity where it isn’t. I personally have been harassed with a group of people for riding a bike down a hill too fast. I watched as two guys in white shirts and ties were questioned with four squad cars surrounding them about what they were doing walking around the neighborhood at night (they were home teaching). A friend was ordered out of his car and frisked because of suspicious activity from the people in his car (they were mentally challenged youths and he was their supervisor): they eventually searched all of them and had them all sit on the curb like criminals. I’m still terrified every time I see a Provo squad car, because innocence is no shelter. I’m all for looking into potential warning signs, or tips from concerned citizens, but they do it with force, intimidation and the presumption of guilt. I’ve never felt safe with a police officer in Provo, and I’ve never felt like they were there to serve and protect.

  4. Angela

    Thank you for your service, Provo PD. It can’t be easy to go out every day to help keep us safe from potential threats. I’ve been in countries where the police are so corrupt that they stop you on the street to give you a “ticket” that you have to pay right on the spot and that money goes right into their pocket or they arrest you on a whim. We are so blessed to be in a nation with trusted men and women here to protect us and enforce laws to keep us safe. Thanks again for all you do!

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