Register your pedal-powered companion!

Several years ago at Provo’s bike to work day I realized that I had never licensed a bicycle in my life. It’s easy to do and so at the event I took 30 seconds and registered the bike I gave to my wife for her birthday about 20 years ago. At the time I did it to do the right thing – not thinking it would ever benefit me.

Imagine my surprise when the Orem Police Department called to say they had my bike. I didn’t even know it was stolen! Apparently my 16 year old left it in a friend’s driveway in Provo and it was stolen and dumped at a park in Orem. If it not been licensed, the story would end with the bike never being seen again. But the bike was found and returned to the Curtis garage. Thanks Orem PD!

Registering your bicycle is easy and well worth the cost. It’s the law to help reduce crime and protect you as a rider. For more information visit our Bike Licensing page on Provo’s website.

If you have a similar story about being reunited with a lost bike, I’d love to hear it. Leave a comment down below.

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  1. Julie M

    I tried to license my family’s bikes once–filled out the forms, brought them to the Provo PD, and was told I needed to actually bring all the bikes downtown so someone could verify the serial numbers.

    That is the opposite of easy.

    Has something changed?

    1. John

      Hi Julie,

      You don’t need to have your bicycle present. Just make sure that your forms are completely filled out. The registration form is submitted to Provo 311 at our Customer Service Desk. More details here:

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