Even Bigger News For FrontRunner

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I’ve often said the ones who keep asking, working and showing tenacity are the ones who eventually reach their goal. Well, today is one of those days that proves my point.

I’m excited to announce that Provo has been awarded $2 million dollars to build a bridge increasing access and safety to our FrontRunner station.

As part of the very competitive TIGER grant process, Provo beat out many other communities around the country for dollars to build our pedestrian/cyclist sky bridge that will run roughly along Freedom Blvd and connect the sidewalks north and south.

Thanks to UTA, MAG, UDOT, and others who helped make this come a reality.

This is a key component to improving the City’s overall safety and an important element to our comprehensive transportation plan which includes public transit, bicycles, walking, and roads.



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  1. Cool Chris

    Great news. Great for Provo and way to go for all those who made it happen. Just another example of the work behind the scenes that never stops.

  2. Laura Lopez

    I heard construction is coming soon by BYU for BRT at University parkway?

  3. Matthew Taylor

    I’m not sure to thank for putting the hard work behind the scenes on this one, but I am truly grateful to them. Please thank them for me!

  4. Sarah Longman

    Good Job!

  5. Tanner Thompson

    At first, I thought this was a somewhat frivolous use of two million dollars, since I’ve never had a problem crossing the tracks using the existing crosswalk. However, after a bit of research, I found out that freight trains often stop on the tracks, completely blocking access to the station from the north. Way to go Provo for addressing the need!

    I also though the picture in the article was a mock-up drawing, but I found out it’s actually of a similar bridge in Farmington. It looks very nice, but it sure has a lot of stairs – I hope the one in Provo finds a way to incorporate a ramp, especially for the cyclists.

    Always excited to hear about public transit developments in Provo. Hope to hear about BRT soon – or even better, light rail! 🙂

  6. Would an under pass be cheaper?

    1. John

      An underpass would be much more expensive and harder to complete.


  7. Paul hughes


  8. Maria

    So grateful for these FB groups where a small but committed and collectively powerful group gather to talk about what’s good and what could be better about Provo!! These people in this small group know people, who know people, who knows someone brother or young woman leader or golf buddy or roommate in college and suddenly—-WE HAVE A WALK WAY!!!!!!!!!!! We bow to your greatness!!!!!!

  9. Aaron Skabelund

    I like that the photo above shows it connecting to 100 West, which is exactly where it should be placed. Thanks so much for your and other public officials’ efforts to land this funding. Wonderful news.

    1. Tom Taylor

      Aaron do you know where it will land on 100 west?

      1. Aaron Skabelund

        I don’t. Though I think it should, I think whether it will connect to 100 West or not remains to be decided. This makes a summit to discuss 100 West and 600 South all the more timely. Let’s have that discussion this fall. Would you mind getting the ball rolling and I can help reach out to key players?

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