Community Discussions

Photo by: Daily Herald


Last November Chief King and the Provo Police sponsored a series of discussions called “Conversations on Race and Community Relations” held at the Covey Center for the Arts. Together, citizens, police, and professional researchers, speakers and academics talked about the importance of understanding racial experiences and the misunderstood tension that minorities in our city live with every day.

Channel 17 was there to capture two of these discussions and the hard work of understanding privilege and other’s point of view inside of these conversations. These two videos are highly informative and enlightening. They highlight the work we have to do as a community to heal our racial divide—not only here (in a mostly homogenous) Provo but in our country and world.

In the first discussion Jonathan Sandberg of BYU’s Family Life Department leads a discussion on why it’s important to talk to our family about race relations. The ensuing discussion includes invaluable experiences shared by members of our black community:

In this second discussion, Leslie Hadfield, Jacob S. Rugh and W. Paul Reeve present research on racial tensions both historically and presently. The following discussion brings to light some of the experiences minorities have in Provo today:

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