Fall Cleanup 2016


Ready to clear the garage of unwanted and never–used items? Need to dispose of the cut grass and tree trimmings that weigh down the black garbage cans? Take advantage of Provo’s annual Fall Cleanup! Separate yard waste and metals and dispose of the material in dumpsters at six locations throughout the city from September 26 – November 5, Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dumpsters at the compost yard are available until 6 p.m. on Saturdays. (Dumpsters are closed nightly and no material may be left on the ground.)


➤ September 26 – October 1
200 N Geneva Road — Fort Utah Park
1625 S Industrial Parkway — compost yard

➤ October 3 – October 8
950 W 1280 N — Lions Park
1625 S Industrial Parkway — compost yard

➤ October 10 – October 15
1150 S 1350 W — Footprinters Park
1625 S Industrial Parkway — compost yard

➤ October 17 – October 22
2620 N 1200 E — Rock Canyon Park
1625 S Industrial Parkway — compost yard

➤ October 24 – October 29
100 N Seven Peaks Blvd — Peaks Arena
1625 S Industrial Parkway — compost yard

➤ October 31 – November 5
3850 N Canyon Road — Field
1625 S Industrial Parkway — compost yard


Provo residents may take trash directly to the South Utah Valley Solid Waste District transfer station (2450 W. 400 South, Springville) free of charge (using the coupon on page 2 of the September Newsletter) Sept. 26–Nov. 5, during normal business hours, Mon.–Sat., 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Cover loads to avoid a $4 tarp fee.


Do not dispose of rocks, tires, concrete, tree stumps, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, or household hazardous waste such as pesticides in the dumpsters or at the transfer station. Call the Provo City Customer Service at 801-852-6000 or the transfer station at 801-489-3027 for information and questions about what is acceptable. 


You can also find a Leaf Bag Coupon in the September Newsletter good for five free leaf bags that can be picked up at the Public Works Dept., 1377 S. 350 E. Leaf bags are collected curbside November through December.

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  1. Maria peluso

    I’m coming peaks arena

  2. Maren

    I wish you could make it so I could copy and paste text out of your blog. I’ve been having to hand-type or take a screenshot of this post every spring and fall for my neighborhood. Just a suggestion. Thanks!

    1. John

      I’m not sure why you aren’t able to copy and paste the text.


      1. Maren

        We figured it out! For some reason you can’t copy the text in Firefox, but you can in Chrome, so I’m all set. Thanks!

    2. greg loosli

      wanted to send it to my whole ward – can we please change it so we can copy to send out??? simple thing

      1. Maren

        If you can open in another browser (Chrome for example) you should be able to copy and paste it. You’re right though, it’s an easy fix for the web developer… (hint, hint)

  3. Suvinia Purcell

    Thank you for the great job Mr. Mayor. You’re the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Gary C Merritt

    I want to thank the traffic engineers for extending the time crossing East to West at 500 No & Freedom Blvd for pedestrian traffic. It is much safer for us, thank you again.

  5. fauna smith

    My son has been pruning trees in our yard for a couple of months now. I got him to load them up on a trailer and we took them to the utah park this past weekend….first they wanted id, which we had, then they told us that we should have taken our load to the east bay facility….it would be good to post these rules ahead of time so that people don’t give up on the big yard clean up time….I assume that we will not be able to utilize other neighborhoods dumpsters for the things we weren’t able to haul on our weekend? We started with the branches but have other things that need to disappear…

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