Happy Ice Cream Cone Day!

In the spirit of National Ice Cream Cone Day, I thought I’d share with you a video I made touring some of our amazing ice cream parlours in Downtown Provo.

This video couldn’t have been possible without the talented Jack Mergist, our creative Channel 17 team, and Provo’s one and only Finnish Kickbike dealer, Tiina Watts. I was lucky enough to test out Tiina’s kickbikes in the video and had a great time cruising around downtown. Definitely checkout kickbike.com to find out what they’re all about or contact Tiina at kickbikesprovo@gmail.com | 763-245-6048 for more information.

Now go celebrate by visiting a Provo ice cream shop and get yourself a double scoop!

P.S. Where’s your favorite place in Provo to get ice cream? Let me know in the comments below. 😋

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  1. The best place to get ice cream is at the creamery on Ninth at 9th East and Birch Lane as in BYU Creamery they have the best selection and biggest selection

  2. Chad Pritchard


  3. Aaron Burgemeister

    I’ve been to all of those places… in the past month. Maybe that’s a sign of something great, or something terrible. Don’t tell my health insurance provider.

    Next year I’d be happy to help sample everything, be part of the video, if I can get lots of ice cream. 😉

    Another place that has provided ice cream to me recently: Macey’s grocery store (five-quart tubs, or the soft-server Kong Kones which are a great deal)/

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