Slate Canyon Mountain Bike Course


A short downhill mountain bike course is scheduled for construction as part of the Slate Canyon Park. The course is intended for beginner to intermediate level riders and was professionally designed by Sagebrush Trails & Services, a local bike trail consultant. Several local mountain bike enthusiasts have walked the proposed course and have offered feedback as well.

Some of the funds for the course were generated through volunteer service by the local neighbors through a Neighborhood Grant awarded by the Provo Municipal Council.

Construction of this course will begin the first week of October and the track is estimated to be complete in November.

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  1. Melanie McCoard

    Where can we see the plans?

  2. Cody

    I’m more interested in the plans for the rest of the area. Back in 2013, there were plans for a bike park with multiple sections, as well as a community park. Now there is major construction going on where a portion of that park was planned. Are other areas of the park still in the works? Or is this downhill portion the only thing happening now? I’d hate to see condos and houses where parks were meant to be

  3. Silvan

    Awesome!! Downhill biking is so much fun!!! I can’t wait!!!! Is there any way to get involved to help out with building this trail?

  4. Doug

    I hope they include part of Slide Canyon. It’s beautiful! If they could do some work on the trail to make it even more rideable that would be awesome. There are a few very tricky parts!

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