Space Venture Coalition: A Space Rock Opera!


Three…Two…One…Blast off!

In 2105, the governments of the world formed a unified space exploration program with the sole purpose of discovering, contacting, and visiting other intelligent life forms that inhabit our universe. This organization is known as the SVC (Space Venture Coalition).

Recently, we have received encouraging data from a planet on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy known as CR-675, or more commonly by it’s nickname “The Beautiful Planet.”

On October 8th, our flagship exploration vessel, the Starship Fermi, will disembark on a mission to reach and contact any life forms we find on this planet. We are enlisting recruits who are willing to sacrifice all if necessary in the pursuit of knowledge and in the spirit of discovery.

Join us on this musical journey to the stars!

Space Venture Coalition (SVC) is a space-themed rock opera. When you enter the venue (Velour Music Gallery), you will have actually boarded our ship as a member of the crew. We’ve been given orders to explore beyond where any humans have traveled before. We’ll have a countdown, we’ll blast off, and we’ll go on a musical space adventure.

We encourage you to dress in your spaciest outfit and to come with your most space-loving friends.

Buy tickets online at WEARETHESVC.COM

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