The Garbage Can-Can

This video made my day. Trust me, you’re going to want to press play. Check it out and share with me what you think!

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  1. Rebecca Nielsen

    Hilarious! Thanks for a good laugh (and good instructions)!

  2. Gary Garrett

    This deserves to go viral! Great work–entertaining AND educational, helpful reminders!

  3. Susan Contreras

    Very clever and gives great reminders. Loved the whole video!

  4. Mary Millar

    Hilarious and delightfully done!!!!!

  5. Rachel Rubow

    Loved it!!! Very creative and fun!

  6. Melissa Baugh


  7. Jerry Chadwick

    I’m furious about this. When these cans were FORCED on us, a few years ago, the city patted our hands and told us, “don’t worry…you can stuff two or three cans worth on top of the can, so you won’t lose any volume of garbage collection.” Now, here we are making up cutesy videos aimed at fourth-graders reiterating the truth. And, yes, I’m paying for multiple cans for my single family residence. And, yes, we have a large family. I’m not fired-up about paying more because I generate more trash to haul off. I’m fired-up about the blatant lies that the city used to sell these dumb cans in the first place.

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