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screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-11-58-55-am recently posted an article about a Polygraph study that examined Provo’s Kickstarter activity compared to other cities across the U.S. The findings were incredibly positive, and Provo even got specific mention in their analysis. Provo has around 115,000 people but in terms of number of projects with over 1,000 backers, it looks like it should be the population of Indianapolis or Miami. The city’s community is engaged with every sort of project that its creators launch.

Out of the 240 Provo-based projects examined in the article, 17% of them were music projects. The most backed Creator was Jenn Blosil, followed closely by Parlor Hawk’s 2013 AlbumJohn Allred’s Forest Eyes is the third most backed music project in the City.

Out of the three Utah cities analyzed in the article, Provo supported the highest percentage of music projects. This strong showing on Kickstarter shows that Provo truly is the #CityOfStarts.

You can read the entire study here and check out Reach Provo’s article here:


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