300 South Project Status Update

Pedestrian crossings between 400 East and 700 East/State Street will be closed Wednesday, November 1, for 24 hours. Crews are scheduled to pave the north side of 300 South during the day through the first week of November.

The pedestrian crossings at 600 East and 700 East will be closed on Wednesday afternoon through Thursday morning to allow for concrete pouring. Crossing guards will be positioned at the 400 East crossing to help students. See map below for more details.


The project is 85% complete and on schedule to finish by the end of 2016 as planned!

The More You Know

Have you driven 300 South recently? Have you noticed the HUGE hole right in front of the Maverick gas station and convenience store? We know you’re curious about it too, and since it isn’t safe for you to explore it on your own, check out this cool photo.


That hole is about 15 feet deep and 15 feet wide. The pipes that will be going into this hole are massive concrete and PVC pipes. Crews are replacing the main waterline that runs through State Street and connects to 300 South. Next time you drive through this area, think about all the work and person-hours that go into it.

Project Information

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and Provo City are partnering to improve mobility along 300 South (US-89) in Provo from 100 West to 700 East. Construction is scheduled to complete by the end of 2016.


The project will reconstruct 300 South in concrete pavement; add new storm drain, water lines, curb, gutter, sidewalks, and raised medians; add a new traffic signal at 400 East, an improved pedestrian/bicycle crossing at 200 East and an improved pedestrian crosswalk at 600 East; add an 8′ pedestrian/bicycle path on the north side; bicycle lanes on both shoulders; new park-strips and landscaping with improved lighting, plants, trees and tree grates.

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  1. Karen Spencer

    Thanks for the updates and for keeping bicyclists and pedestrians in mind!

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