Provo River Trail Open House


Provo Parks and Recreation needs your help in identifying how to improve the Provo River Trail. We will be conducting a feasibility study and preparing construction documents for the widening and enhancement of the Provo River Parkway Trail from 2230 North to 2550 West. This will be the first project funded by Provo’s RAP tax!

Please join us at an Open House on Thursday, November 10th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Provo Recreation Center (320 W 500 North) in the Multipurpose Room. We will introduce the project to the public and gather information and ideas about the corridor from residents that could be incorporated into the project including areas of concerns, ways the corridor could be improved, and opportunities for nodes and connections to surrounding areas.

The Open House will kick-off with an introduction and explanation of the project’s purpose and goals which include:

  • Enhance the usability and capacity of the trail system
  • Enhance the safety of the corridor
  • Preserve and enhance the character of the corridor
  • Facilitate maintenance and longevity of the trail system

After a quick introduction, attendees will break into 4 stations to view project maps and provide input about the corridor. Project representatives will be located at each station to talk to you about the project. There will be brainstorm boards available where you can add sticky notes with your concerns and ideas for the corridor related to the project purpose and goals.

An online survey has also been set up for the project where residents can provide input. There will be a station set up where you can go and complete the survey during the Open House or access it using your own computer or device at your own leisure. Please feel free to take the survey online here. Your feedback is important and will be used to determine how to best improve and enhance this section of the trail.

Light refreshments will be served.

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  1. I’m just going to come off grumpy here but I’m sure this has been planned out more well in advance than two days. I would have loved to know about this a littler earlier myself to plan accordingly.

  2. More shade and benches to rest on would be helpful.

  3. Melanie McCoard

    Long range planning– acquire the country club so the Provo River Trail actually follows the river all the way through town.

  4. Josh Gubler

    I would love to see the tunnels widened at 800 N, Columbia Ln, and State St. It would be difficult for a cyclist and a pedestrian to share those tunnels. Even if the cyclist dismounts, it would still be an awkward pass.

  5. Russ Zimmerman

    Additional drinking fountains would be great, but I would love it if just the broken ones were fixed.

  6. Rem Wiscombe

    Some of the tunnels are a bit dangerous. The newest one is nice though. My main concern is just maintenance. Roots push up into the asphalt all the time and it seems to take years to fix.

  7. Katie Priedeman

    There is a spot over by where the trail goes underneath the freeway. The empty lot on the side of the trail (where there is a marker about Fort Utah) could be turned into another community garden plot. It would make the area look better and give more people the opportunity to garden in little plots.

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